Woman pulled over by questionable motorcycle officer

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Published on March 07, 2008 with No Comments

By James Lanaras

March 7, 2008

Novato police are keeping an eye out today for a man on a motorcycle who pulled over a 19 year-old woman Wednesday night.

The woman was driving on San Marin Drive around 11:10 p.m. when she was stopped by a motorcycle with a flashing red light, Lt. Rich Hill said. The woman initially thought he was a police officer but the man was not wearing a badge, shoulder patches or duty belt, Hill said.

He was wearing dark pants and a dark shirt but did not appear to be a police officer, Hill said.

Lt. Dave Jeffries said this morning the man spoke to the woman through a public address system as he pulled her over. He asked the woman questions about her vehicle and said her passenger was not wearing a seat belt. The woman was alone in the car, Jeffries said.

When the woman said her mother was following her and was a few minutes away, the man left, Jeffries said. The man is white, 30-40 years old with an average build and short, dark brown hair, Jeffries said.

Police are getting some calls from residents reporting similar incidents they have heard of or about the motorcycle they claim to have seen, Jeffries said.

Police are advising motorists to drive to a well-lighted area if they are suspicious about the identity of someone pulling them over.

Motorists are advised to keep their doors locked and windows up until they confirm the person is actually a law enforcement officer.

Motorists can also ask for identification because all officers, even those who are off-duty, carry a badge and identification card, Jeffries said.

Drivers can use their cell phone to confirm the identity of the officer with the Police Department and should look at the officer’s face and uniform and listen to what is said during a traffic stop, Jeffries said.

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