SF Green Party Calls for Worldwide Boycott of Israel

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Published on June 03, 2010 with 15 Comments

By Luke Thomas

June 3, 2010

Following a botched Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla in international waters, the San Francisco Green Party is calling for a worldwide boycott and divestment of Israel.

At least nine human rights activists died, and 30 were wounded, when armed Israeli commandos abseiled from helicopters onto the decks of ships carrying aid for Gaza. At least one of the dead is a US citizen of Turkish origin.

In a statement published on its website, the SF Green Party is “actively engaging in a full boycott of all purchases of products and services, the financial gains of which will accrue to any individual or entity within Israel, until Israel is in compliance with all United Nations-recognized international laws; all resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly and Security Council; and, all decisions and directions by all United Nations-recognized international courts, regardless of Israel’s participation in or ratification of such courts.”

Other organizations including Jewish Voice For Peace and Evergreen State College are also calling for a divestment of Israel. The national Green Party, in a statement released on its website, condemned the attack and is calling for “immediate action from the US, including emergency orders from President Obama to cut off all aid to Israel.”

“The violation of human rights has been ongoing and is very egregious,” said SF Green Party spokesperson Erika McDonald. “Peaceful yet drastic measures are required. We think this is the only solution at this point.”

Luke Thomas

Luke Thomas

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  • Two more ships today?

    One flying Irish flag? It’s like watching a slow motion film of an airliner crashing or a train wreck. It could make you forget about BP’s well in a hurry.

    I can’t help. Can you?


  • Ruth R. Snave

    What, there are still some Greens left who didn’t follow Ross Mirkarimi into the Democratic Party in order to promote his career?

    Okay, let’s say there are a few left. This crew is going to organize San Francisco into boycotting Israel?

    Or is this just another empty rhetorical gesture hanging in the air?

    You decide.

  • Arthur, your continual harping is boring. Try being constructive for a change. It will make you feel better. Promise.

  • rich stone

    The 8,500+ SF greens can still rely on the vapid gesticulations of those bent on not realizing one’s self determination (i.e., Palestine) is more important than to sucking up to the crusty ass of powerful lobbying industries like AIPAC that make the Two-Party Bummer electorate addicted to the power of hopium more drain-bamaging than huffing glue fumes through a burnt-out crack pipe!!!

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  • rich stone

    Yeah, I’ll admit my bitterness as some of the fallout of Greens going Dem actually fascinates me as to the rapid decline in overall efficacy of the alleged progressive movement, as if going Dem is critical to legislative success. For we all know it’s NOT ABOUT MAKING GOOD CAREER MOVES, RIGHT??? Proportional representation can only work within one party is the new Orwellian mantra, I guess… ;-|

  • Ruth R. Snave

    Boycotts are one of the most difficult projects to carry off. You need careful planning, effective organization, and diligent follow-through.

    The efforts of Martin Luther King Jr and Mohandas Gandhi are examples of how boycotts can be effective if they are intelligently planned and carefully executed.

    However, merely standing up in the market place and shouting “Boycott!” is just another form of acting-out. All it does is to give the shouter a sense of moral superiority.

    How did the Greens in SF get to be so dumb? Is it all the drugs, or what?

  • Arthur, you’re getting close to being banned from FCJ. Your continual baseless, opportunistic attacks reflect an inner bitterness. You should try yoga, meditation, maybe even smoke a joint now and then to help ease your manifest enmity.

    Consider this a warning.

  • Ruth R. Snave

    Dear Luke,

    Thanks for the encouragement to smoke pot.\

    However, I’ve found that cultivation of the mind and development of character provide a better route to enlightenment than any drug. However, I acknowledge that many in the city’s progressive circle disagree.

    I’ll guess you’ll have to ban me from FCJ. I’ve never been one to shut up in the face of the threats.

    I’ve enjoyed our debates. Sorry you haven’t.

    Farewell, and good luck to you in providing cover for the politicians you support.

  • brookse32

    Boycott Extremely Well Organized

    I say free speech Luke. The more we let these fools rant in public the more they marginalize themselves.

    If Arthur was actually paying attention to objects more distant than his computer keyboard, and actually went out into the world to see what is going on, he’d discover that there is an incredibly robust and -very- well organized global boycott and divestment movement building rapidly across the globe, and in nearly every college campus; and the SF Green Party is simply joining that movement.

    Just as South Africa’s impunity was ended, so shall be Israel’s..

    Eric Brooks
    San Francisco Green Party

  • Arthur, there are times when you say things that are constructive and add to the discussion in ways that transcend the average poster. But you also have a tendency to exploit every opportunity to level the same old tired attacks.

  • From Harvey Milk Club Co-President Denise D’Anne:

    Absurd opinion:

    Elliott Abrams, senior fellow for Middle East studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, opinion blaming the victim on Israel’s attack on the Flotilla is absurd. Everyone agrees that the Israeli forces attacked the ships in international waters. If there was resistance it is a normal reaction to masked men with weapons landing from a helicopter. The Jews were criticized for not resisting during the horrible Holocaust times, but now resistance is criticized. As far as is known not one Israeli was killed or even wounded in this recent incident.


    Denise D’Anne

  • greg kamin

    Oh. My. F-in. God.

    Stop sniping about the Green Party for a sec and step back and think about the big picture. Why exactly is there a boycott? What are people boycotting?

    One look at this disgusting, racist video, and it all becomes clear (if it wasn’t already):

    This shocking piece of garbage was created by an Israeli group linked to a right-wing Washington think tank, and got out when Israeli officials emailed it to a large group of journalists. The officials later apologized, saying that it was intended for their perusal and not for the journalists. Thing is though, some Israelis (and right wing US Zionists) are actually proudly disseminating it now!

    This video represents a society whose moral compass is so completely astray, that it is completely divorced from reality. The rest of the entire world is condemning this deplorable crime, but Israeli society seems completely oblivious to that. This is a society that *not only* thinks murdering civilians is perfectly fine, but *LAUGHS* about it! And… AND, not only do they think that murder and racism is riotously funny, but they actually think it’s *good PR* to create a racially insensitive video and flaunt it for the world to see.


  • Ralph

    Too often, I am hearing the blame-the-victim defense or there shall be no public criticism of Israel or criticism of Israel is somehow a new anti-Semitism. You cannot rationally excuse Israel for killing at least nine aboard the international aid Gaza Freedom Flotilla with dozens more wounded. Clearly, Middle East peace is not a high Israeli priority.

  • Nuclear warheads walk,

    And bullshit talks. Netanyahu has 400 nukes which can be delivered up to 7,000 miles to within 100 yards cpm (the Jericho II) to sea based missiles from a post-apocalyptic strategic reserve. Israel is far more dangerous to the peace and survival of the world than North Korea.


  • @Luke, are you suggesting that daily FCJ commenter Ruth R. Snave is actually Arthur? Arthur who? I’m losing interest in commenters unwilling to I.D. unless I know it would put them in danger, e.g., some of my Rwandan friends.