Caption Action: Nevius hearts Carmen Chu

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Published on April 03, 2008 with 4 Comments

By Luke Thomas

April 3, 2008

Photo by Luke Thomas

C.W. Nevius: “Hi Carmen, it was a good thing your toothless resolution didn’t pass today and Chris Daly’s resolution did. Had your resolution passed, my pro-establishment editors would have forced me to praise your efforts in supporting Chinese government oppression, and the deaths of 140 Tibetans. You got anything bad to say about Daly?”

Carmen: “Yeah, that sonofabitch kicked my ass today and I’m running for election. Why does he stand up for the oppressed?”

C.W. Nevius: “Gosh, I don’t know, Carmen. Maybe it has something to do with the reason why politicians should get into politics – to help the less fortunate who would otherwise be ignored and left to die? After all, Daly’s not a career politician like Gavin.”

Carmen: “I wish I could be like Chris, but I was appointed by Newsom. I have my orders and so do you. Now go and write something that demonizes the only politician in San Francisco that has the guts to stand up for those Tibetan animals.”

Luke Thomas

Luke Thomas

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  1. Quoth C Dub in today’s Chritical: ‘The larger question is: Who should? Even Daly admitted afterward to the Fog City Journal blog – he is a public official who only speaks to media members he considers friendly – that the issue was “a bit out of reach of the San Francisco supervisors.” ‘

    Oh, C Dub. Me thinks that your mention of FCJ is a complement in disguise and that truly, in your heart of hearts, your deepest desire is to become a FOF (Friend of Fog City Journal).

  2. I remember there was some concern about the green beads Supervisor Chis Daly and his supporters were wearing during his last campaign and whether or not they were made in China. I’m not sure if this was ever answered or not. Does anyone know?

    “Mardi Gras: Made in China” is a documentary by David Redmon which traces the Mardi Gras beads manufactured by laborers in Chinese factories to the festive streets of pre-Katrina New Orleans.

    Click on:

  3. I actually read that this morning, or was it last night? I remember not… Anyway… ridiculous moron is what that man is.

    I have a number of Tibetan Buddhist monk friends, one of whom considers himself my brother from a past life, and even though we may not be able to directly impact the situation in Tibet through the passing of such resolutions I am so proud to see that we can, will, and did in fact add our voices in protest and solidarity with their cause and can speak for my friends when I say that such an act does their hearts good as well. To have Supervisors in SF gov’t willing to go that extra mile is heartwarming. My Tibetan friends are indeed happy… and the stories they have to tell of what is actually going on in Tibet are atrocious and heartwrenching and for those that couldn’t care less, well, ’tis best I bite my tongue or else the rant that would be coming would not be fit to be printed I’m afraid!

    Loved this Luke! And loved meeting you at Ross Mirkarimi’s Norooz celebration by the way! Though I must say, you probably did see me at one of the former art events but no pics of me were found here… tsk, tsk! ;-P I kid… though I did check as I was sure I hadn’t missed an FCJ news story and, lo and behold, I was right!


  4. If you really want to piss off Nevius, don’t read or talk about his wanna be Ken Garcia ramblings. Nobody was reading his bland, insipid columns before his homelessness bullyings and now that there is a spotlight on him, he has become addicted.

    And to perpetuate this disease (afterall, one can only bash the homeless so many times), he is resorting to the lowest, most hackneyed and laziest denominator by seizing upon the easiest and cheapest attention-grabber in town: Chris Daly. Narcissism coupled with attention is a powerful thing.