Mike Sugerman “Not Really” Running for Mayor

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Published on January 22, 2011 with 4 Comments

Mike Sugerman (third from left) is flanked by KGO I-Team investigative reporter Dan Noyes and wife, Judy Noyes, with intergallactic messenger Frank Chu. File photo by Luke Thomas.

By Luke Thomas

January 22, 2011

Though his name appears on the this year’s Potential Candidate List for mayor, available at the San Francisco Department of Elections, KCBS reporter Mike Sugerman says he is not running.

“You and Sean Elsbernd are the only ones who have mentioned anything. No, I’m not really running. I wanted to do a first person story on what it’s like to sign up as a candidate (though the 250K salary is enticing),” Sugerman wrote in response to FCJ inquiry.

It isn’t the first time, or the last we suspect, when a member of the fourth estate teases the masses with a promise of a campaign for public office in San Francisco.  BeyondChron’s Paul Hogarth briefly entered the contest for District 6 Supervisor last year before bowing out and supporting now Supervisor Jane Kim.  Harold “h” Brown, an occasional FCJ contributor, satirical muckraker and publisher of SFBulldog.com, is a perennial candidate for public office (though he’s so far not running for the open seat for mayor this year).  Janet Reilly, herself a former broadcast journalist, ran for California Assembly in 2006 and, most recently, ran for District 2 Supervisor.

Luke Thomas

Luke Thomas

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  • Oy vey!

    Right now Mike is the top declared candidate for my money. The fee is $4,915. Mirk and the rest of the supes doubled it a couple of years ago which I thought was simply mean spirited and meant to clear the field of the poorest of candidates. Then, he didn’t run himself.

    Keep in mind that candidates don’t have to plunk down a cent until early August and those with a track record will get serious free ink and electrons til then.

    Until at least one serious Progressive candidate (I’d prefer to see 3 … Gonzalez, Campos and Mirkarimi – Adachi also rocks – until a Prog with name recognition enters, a candidate like Sugerman with no knowledge of the beast of City government nor appreciated for the task ahead for any new mayor not controlled by Downtown … when Mike (who’s a great guy) is the best we have to offer, we’re in deep doo.

    Giants in 11 days!


  • seej

    Boy, I hope Adachi gets in the fray…The list of current current candidates is a real snoozefest…

  • Alexis

    Sugarman is OK but let’s see if Al Hart will take the job first.

  • Jerry Jarvis

    Who wouldn’t want to be Mayor of San Francisco. You can be Mayor of San Francisco and not know how to run it with out high priced city paid consultants.

    And if you pick the right qualified staffers you can run a city efficiently. But what is the right price?

    I would do the job for civic duty. But I had that idea once, Didn’t really go any where. Couldn’t get the right groups to have sex with.
    We all know what a cluser F^^K San Francisco politics’s are.