Photo Spread: Avalos Campaign Steps Up Visibility on Halloween

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Supervisor and mayoral candidate John Avalos (wearing white wig) attended several Halloween parties on Saturday as part of a visibility campaign in the run-up to Election Day. From left to right: Glendon “Anna Conda” Hyde, Avalos, Harvey Milk Club President Stephany Joy-Ashley and Karen Zapata, Avalos’ wife. Photos by Luke Thomas.

By Luke Thomas

October 31, 2011

With just 8 days to go before Election Day, the campaign to elect Supervisor John Avalos to the mayoralty of San Francisco executed another successful campaign visibility spectacle on Saturday traveling to several Halloween parties in a colorfully adorned, converted school bus named “Dodo.”

“Saturday night was All Night for Avalos,” said Avalos who wore a blonde wig as part of his Halloween costume. “We rode the Dodo bus to have a little fun and create a bit of spectacle and buzz for the campaign.”

Avalos and wife, Karen Zapata, and campaign volunteers Sasha Cuttler and Stephany Joy Ashley .

With soul, funk and R&B music blaring, Avalos and company could not help but get jiggy.

The Dodo bus is an internationally recognized art vehicle that has been written up and photographed for the New York Times and French Vogue magazine, said bus co-owner Aaron Selverston.  It is also a regular attraction at Burning Man.

The Dodo bus is owned and operated by Aaron Selverston, Eric Charles and Galen Richards.

“The Dodo was inspired by an extinct bird from Mauritius that was celebrated for its uncanny wit, charm and intelligence but was bound ironically to the terrestrial plane with undersized wings,” Selverston said. “What better way to shine a spotlight on a bright, creative mind then to drive John Avalos and campaign staff around in a radically-illuminated Burning Man bus?”

Dodo bus owner Aaron Selverston paid tribute to the extinct Dodo bird donning a chicken mask.

A handsome Aaron Selverston with his easy on the eyes +1, Annie Lebowitz.

Starting off at Avalos campaign headquarters on Market Street around 7 pm, the Dodo, laden with high-spirited Avalos supporters and campaign volunteers, hit as many as six, in full-swing costume parties in the Excelsior, Mission, Lower Haight and Polk Street neighborhoods, handing out League of Young Voters voter guides as well as Avalos campaign literature, and completing the odyssey around 11pm at a fundraiser/Halloween party in Bernal Heights.

“The reaction was overwhelmingly positive,” Avalos said. “Over the past several weeks my star has been rising and most everywhere we went on the bus we met folks who were warm to my candidacy. I also managed to flip quite a few voters with the exception of a Ron Paul supporter who would neither budge my way nor reveal his vote.”

Stunt brainchild and Avalos campaign volunteer, Julian Davis, said, “John Avalos was able to do some very visible campaigning in a very fun way leading up to Election Day. We proved by far that we’re the coolest campaign for Mayor in San Francisco.”

Visibility stunt brainchild Julian Davis (center) flanked by Colin Hoops and Aaron Selverston.

More Photos

Die-hard Liverpool Football Club fan, photographer, accidental stunt man and all-round good guy, Tim Daw, donning what looks like a ghoulish zombie costume at a Halloween house party in the Excelsior.

Anna Nichole-Daw Lacey and Tim Daw.

SFBG City Editor Steven Jones at a Halloween party in the Excelsior.

Halloween revelers pass by the Dodo bus parked outside The Red Devil Lounge.

A packed house at the Lexington in the Mission.

Everywhere for Avalos Day brainchild Andy Blue donned a Fidel Castro costume.

Fidel Castro hand delivered League of Pissed Off voter guides.

Ed Lee gets it done for the 1 percent!

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