Lennar’s Consultants and Allies Duck Opportunities
to Face the Community

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Hundreds of Bayview/Hunters Point Residents Canvass City in Final Push for Proposition F

From the Proposition F Campaign

June 2, 2008

SAN FRANCISCO, California – In the final days before San Francisco votes on the fate of Bayview/Hunters Point, advocates for Lennar’s Proposition G are dodging every opportunity to face the community whom they purport to be serving.

Prop. G advocate Mayor Gavin Newsom is making his annual budge announcement this morning on Navy property, isolated from the community. The Board of Supervisors and media were only informed of Newsom’s intended budget announcement 4:00 p.m, Friday evening. “The Mayor needs to be fostering collaboration, and enlisting the support of everyone he can, especially those who have influence on the budget process,” Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi noted. “It’s unfortunate that the casualty in all this is our desire to work together.” Following protocol from the Olympic torch fiasco, Newsom’s staff is again setting the stage for minimum contact with the community, announcing steep budget cuts in an area gated from public access.

Newsom’s gated budget announcement follows Lennar’s refusal to face the Bayview/Hunters Point community on Saturday evening. The community invited Carmen Policy to a debate with a Prop. F supporter in Bayview/Hunters Point last Saturday, May 31. Policy, who received over $40,000 in consulting fees from Lennar through May 22, greeted the community’s invitation with a cold shoulder. Lennar’s $4 million team of marketing specialists and public relations consultants insists they did not know of the debate, which was published in several prominent San Francisco media sources in the days leading up to the debate. “If you look at who’s present at this debate and who isn’t, you’ll see which side is listening to the Bayview,” observed Prop. F advocate Alicia Schwartz to the community members attending the community’s debate. “Lennar is spending millions, more than any initiative campaign in San Francisco history, to tell voters what Bayview wants. But they don’t have the courage to say it to your faces.”

The failure of Lennar’s advocates to face community members is galvanizing support for the community-initiated Prop. F within Bayview/Hunters Point. Overwhelmed by hundreds of volunteers on both Saturday and Sunday before the election, F is for Fairness canvassed over 200 precincts, shattering their ambitious goal of walking 150 precincts.

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