Articles Posted by Catherine Lee

Ms. Catherine Lee is a writer, editor, and community organizer in San Francisco. Catherine is focused on the diverse and sociologically rich events in the SF Bay Area. She is exceptionally interested in the confluence of art, culture, and social movements. Scribbling in notebooks since she was nine, publishing on the web since 1999, and writing for the San Francisco City College Guardsman newspaper since 2010, Catherine has published more than 50 print and web articles about the arts, culture, news, and community organizing. Additionally she has broadcast a public access television program for 15 years. "Video Vision: Emerging Artists in Digital Transmission" curates the best digital arts and cinematic music videos for a weird and wonderful half hour of alternative media. For the corresponding website, Catherine has published articles about music, videos, artist interviews, and non-commercial media. As Arts and Culture Editor at the Guardsman newspaper, Catherine cultivated a socially conscious, multi-cultural, and omnivorous culture section. She assigned stories to writers, provided leads and copy edited stories for publication. Sample articles include: Banned Books Week, Buy Nothing Day and Adbusters, Grammy Elimination of Latin Jazz, Mayoral Candidate Positions on the Arts, Latino and Chinese cultural events, and rock poster art. Catherine has also been a staff reporter at the Guardsman for news, op-ed and culture stories. Stories include: the Occupy Movement Poster Art, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and Arts Festival, the deYoung Museum, Chinese art and artists, Mexican art and musicians, restaurant reviews, the Free University of San Francisco, human rights, and City College of San Francisco news.