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David Bryson is a retired physician, intellectual polyglot, and anarcho-pacifist. He lives in Kerrville, Texas.

  • This is currently a hot topic

    What Did the President Know About the Benghazi Attack, Petraeus Affair?

    (Updated, 12/2/12) Two coincidences are swirling around former CIA Director Petraeus: that the Benghazi attack had nothing to do with the anniversary of 9/11 and Al Qaeda, and that knowledge of his affair with his biographer and his subsequent resignation, did not reach President Obama until after his re-election.

  • Planetary Pessimism

    At the ending of his important new book, “The Social Conquest of Earth,” evolutionary biologist E.O. Wilson writes: “Earth, by the twenty-second century, can be turned, if we so wish, into a permanent paradise for human beings, or at least the strong beginnings of one.

  • Human History in a Hurry and the Circadian Theory of Learning

    Six years ago I wrote two columns for Fog City Journal. I’m now combining the two into a single concise summary. By reading this you will learn more about the evolution of mammalian and human learning than is available anywhere else. Consider this scientific speculation on a planetary scale.

  • Doomsday Clock: Five Minutes to Midnight

    Obama taught constitutional law. As President, he has ordered the assassination of at least two US citizens. Not only is this unconstitutional, there was no public discussion of whether or not it was justified. Like the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland, it is the sudden “Off with their heads!” The Founding Fathers could not imagine such disregard for their craft of openness and free argument.

  • Occupy the Noosphere, Heading Towards the Omega Point

    This weekend (November 5-6) Occupy and the Sierra Club intend to form a human chain around the White House to protest the tar sands project. I suggest that 4 themes be joined together, one for each side of the White House. One side for the living biosphere with Sierra Club on that side. The opposite side is anti-military weapons and wars. Protesting Global warming on one side and global warring on the opposite side. The third side is for social and economic equalities with many more in the middle than on top. The last side is for the remaining 7 billion humans, the total world population estimated to have reached and passed 7 billion on October 31. Instead of encircling the White House, ensquare the White House.