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  • Run on the Banks: No More Foreclosures,
    Evictions for Profit

    This Saturday the 14th, evicted tenants and foreclosed homeowners will tell their stories of the impact that bank’s greedy actions have had on them. Banks will be put on notice: You Will Be Held Accountable! Actions will culminate in a January 20th shutdown of San Francisco’s Financial District.

  • Mirkarimi Inauguration Celebratory Despite Cloud

    Mirkarimi Inauguration Celebratory Despite Cloud

    Judge Katherine Feinstein, daughter of US Senator Dianne Feinstein, was originally slated to administer the oath of office to Mirkarimi, Sunday, but declined last week citing a potential conflict of interest resulting from an ongoing investigation into an alleged domestic violence incident on New Year’s eve involving Mirkarimi and his wife, Eliana Lopez.

  • Mayor Lee Appoints Olague as D5 Supe

    “Christina Olague is my appointment for District 5 Supervisor,” said Mayor Lee. “As a low-income tenant and immigration advocate, she shares my values in making government more fair and responsive for San Francisco residents. She has been a voice for our neighborhoods and has proven through her voting record on the Planning Commission that what San Francisco needs most right now is job creation and revitalizing our local economy.”

  • Beautiful Mother Earth: Alive, Finite, Hurting, Worth Dying For

    Beautiful Mother Earth: Alive, Finite, Hurting,
    Worth Dying For

    It is dedicated to all who died fighting for the planet and those whose lives are on the line today. The cut was put together by Vivek Chauhan, a young film maker, together with naturalists working with the Sanctuary Asia network.

  • Wall Street of the Waterfront

    Wall Street of the Waterfront

    This type of community picket action for political purposes has a long and venerable place in ILWU history. Back in 1939 longshoremen honored a picket line set up at the Port of San Francisco by the local Chinese community to stop a load of steel being sent to then-fascist Japan for its war effort, at that time focused on mainland China, but soon crossing the Pacific. Again it was used in 1977 against a South African ship in protest of that country’s apartheid policies, in 1997 against a ship loaded by scab labor in support of the dockers in Liverpool, England, in 2003 to stop a ship being loaded with war materiel bound for the just-declared war on Iraq, and most recently just a couple of years ago against an Israeli ship in protest of the Israeli military attack on the Turkish ship bringing medical and construction supplies to Gaza.

  • SF Public Defender’s Office Celebrates Nine Decades
    of Delivering Justice

    In 1921, the California Legislature passed the Public Defender Act after Clara Foltz, California’s first female lawyer, spent years advocating for the creation of Public Defenders’ offices to provide legal assistance to poor people in criminal law cases. Later in 1921, responding to the Public Defender Act, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed an ordinance creating the Office of the Public Defender.

  • Matt Gonzalez Interview with Artist Joana Ubach

    My artist background comes from a very traditional school, both in terms of an emphasis on figure drawing and classical composition. I am influenced by the old masters, and the acquisition of knowledge has enhanced my understanding of the direction that I want to take my art in. I feel that composition and color management are important elements of the classical tradition, and my art strives to embody traditional principles of depth and perspective. My fascination with capturing light goes beyond trying to enhance form, but also tries portray light as a form interacting with other forms. One aspect in my painting comes from the interaction of the viewer with the painting. Depending on the position of the viewer, the forms interacting with the light will change. I found this element relevant to much of the classical tradition, the ability to connect with the art from different viewing angles and receive a different experience from the art depending upon perspective.