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My name is Peter Hernandez. I am 21, a Mission district resident, a journalist, a musician, an avid cook, and a purveyor of San Francisco's finest bike routes. I moved here from San José in 2010. I decided upon journalism when I realized it was a device through which I could dabble in the myriad of life paths and to expand my understanding of culture and community through investigation, reporting, and critique. I believe in journalism's authority and its ability to make change. I see my future working in journalism to my fullest ability, but I know I must exhaust every ounce of productivity in me, and I know I will have to network the hell out of this city. I realize the contraction plaguing this industry, and I must be flexible and expansive in my studies in order to adapt to it.

  • Creative Historic Reuse Inspires Urban Planning

    An image of historic art deco buildings, not too unlike San Francisco’s mid-Market in its prime, illuminated a slideshow introduction to a long-running revitalization effort that has transformed a once-blighted downtown Los Angeles into a bustling and desirable housing market.

  • Women’s Strife Upheld in Mural Restoration

    The iconic and historic “Maestrapeace” mural that adorns the Women’s Building in San Francisco’s Mission District will soon be restored to its original glory, thanks in large part to a recent surge in grant funding from the City and County of San Francisco and SF Beautiful.