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    Today: Matt Gonzalez, Ron Paul & John Dennis
    Join Forces for Non-Partisan Anti-War Rally

    “I think its important to build alliances, especially with others whom we may disagree with on other issues, in order to achieve the critical mass we need to truly end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and to keep these conflicts from expanding, as they currently are, into Yemen and Pakistan,” said Gonzalez in response to FCJ inquiry.

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    The Case for Keys

    On this point, we progressives talk a lot about empowerment– making sure that those who live through injustice are the leaders in fighting that injustice. If this empowerment is to be more than just lip service, it has to extend to our highest leadership positions. As I have fought for the low-income communities of District 6, I have been well-aware that I have done so as a straight white man from a middle-class background. While I have talked a great deal about empowerment, I have understood that talk without action is cheap. Now in the race for District 6 Supervisor, we have a person from the Tenderloin –a low-income, gay, African-American man– who has taken on some of the toughest issues in San Francisco, with a campaign aimed to fight injustice, build affordable housing, ensure that everyone has high quality health services, and to take care of our seniors and our young people. James Keys has stepped up to the plate, and I am proud to stand with him.

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    Candidates Forum: Will District 6 Be Business Friendly
    With New Leadership?

    From South Beach Mission Bay Business Association August 16, 2010 On Monday, August 16, the South Beach Mission Bay Business Association will host a District 6 supervisor candidate forum at KickLabs (250 Brannan Street) from…

  • Daly Announces District 6 Symposium

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    Daly Announces District 6 Symposium

    Daly forwarded to FCJ today what appears to be a postcard mailer that we are presuming he will send to all registered District 6 voters.

  • High Times at the Premier Medical Cannabis Cup in San Francisco

    The two-day expo event attracted thousands of medical marijuana users, cultivators, activists and cannabusiness entrepreneurs, all eager to test new cannabis strains, consume edibles, attend seminars and parties and introduce new cannabusiness products to a market segment with revenues outstripping the US automobile industry.

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    Angela Davis Keynote Speaker
    at 32nd Annual Harvey Milk Club Dinner

    The historic club will be celebrating the first Harvey Milk Day in California and thirty-five years since the club was co-founded by San Francisco political legend Harvey Milk.

  • Them That Be and Them That Wannabe: Court Jester Reviews DCCC Prog Kick-Off

    Them That Be and Them That Wannabe: Court Jester Reviews DCCC Prog Kick-Off

    The Thomas Photo Gallery: Former Board Prez and D-3 supe Peskin posed holding a copy of the current Bay Guardian Candidate Endorsement cover with current D-11 supe and Budget and Finance Chair John Avalos who was joined by cutest couple in the room, Erich Pearson and his main squeeze, David Owen, who in a former life before becoming an attorney was Aaron’s Chief of Staff under da dome.