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  • Overheard in Fog City: Pearce, Ho, 86ed from Buck Tavern

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    Overheard in Fog City: Pearce, Ho, 86ed from Buck Tavern

    It all started off around 11:30 pm when Ho and Pearce arrived at the city’s favorite political watering hole following a successful, well attended No on E and F campaign fundraiser organized by founder Larry Bush and Democratic Party chair Aaron Peskin.

  • Adachi Renews Debate Challenge
    to Lee Over Pension Reform

    Sponsored by Lee and backed by public employee unions, Prop C was placed on the ballot by Lee and the Board of Supervisors. Sponsored by Adachi, Prop D is a voter-approved ballot initiative qualified with over 70,000 signatures.

  • Occupy Wall Street Protesters Shut Down Wells Fargo
    Over Foreclosure Crisis

    While suit-clad Wells Fargo employees watched on – most refusing to talk to reporters, some disparaging the protest, a couple whispering their support – police carted away 11 of the 30 people who barricaded the bank’s doors at about 7:45 a.m. A coalition of labor and anti-war groups, communities of color including Causa Justa/Just Cause and Chinese Progressive Association, along with Occupy SF, filled downtown streets with chants and music, in a festive and feisty protest that went on for five hours.

  • Chronicle Endorses Chiu Over Lee

    Chronicle Endorses Chiu Over Lee

    The much coveted Chronicle endorsement is expected to provide Chiu a significant boost to a flagging campaign while diminishing confidence in the frontrunner status previously attributed to Lee. In addition to throwing the ranked-choice race wide open, the development may be seen as an unsaid repudiation of Lee, whose candidacy was tainted when he broke his promise of not seeking a full term. The Board of Supervisors appointed Lee in January to complete then Mayor Gavin Newsom’s final term on the expressed condition Lee would not exploit his interim “caretaker” status and seek a full term.

  • Everywhere for Avalos Day Adds Momentum, Visibility in Run up to Election Day

    Everywhere for Avalos Day Adds Momentum,
    Visibility in Run up to Election Day

    Dubbed “Everywhere for Avalos Day,” dozens of eye-catching and head-turning spectacles were simultaneously coordinated across the city in an effort to garner increased support for Avalos, a staunch progressive whose endorsements include the Democratic Party, San Francisco Tenants Union, California Nurses Association, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Harvey Milk Democratic Club, San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, the largest public employee union, SEIU 102, Coleman Action Fund, United Educators of San Francisco, American Federation of Teachers, Sierra Club and the League of Young Voters, among others.

  • Herrera Calls for Criminal Investigation into Lee Campaign Donations

    Herrera Calls for Criminal Investigation
    into Lee Campaign Donations

    In a letter addressed to U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag, California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris, and San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón, Herrera alleges donors to interim Mayor Ed Lee’s campaign conspired to exceed contribution limits by laundering money through business associates of Go Lorrie’s Airport Shuttle.

  • Police Raid OccupySF Encampment

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    Police Raid OccupySF Encampment

    Calling themselves the “99 percenters,” the protesters had convened on the San Francisco Federal Reserve in solidarity with similar protests that began on Wall Street in New York City, September 17. Their collective aims include drawing attention to the growing disparities in wealth, corporate greed, auditing the Federal Reserve, taxing the rich, the Obama administration’s bailout of banks and resultant rising unemployment and foreclosures, as well as cuts to public services.