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  • Fog City Artist Brings Fog to Canvas

    Bay Area artist Gregorio De Masi blows away the San Francisco art scene with a unique punk style and bringing true craftsmanship to each of his pieces.

  • Arts Review: Occupy Posters Inspired by Rebellious Rocker Era

    A historical entourage of voices and styles bound by the Bay Area takes center stage at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in its exhibit of Occupy inspired posters by artist-activists from the 1960s to the present. The unifying theme is social justice.

  • Matt Gonzalez Interview with Artist Joana Ubach

    My artist background comes from a very traditional school, both in terms of an emphasis on figure drawing and classical composition. I am influenced by the old masters, and the acquisition of knowledge has enhanced my understanding of the direction that I want to take my art in. I feel that composition and color management are important elements of the classical tradition, and my art strives to embody traditional principles of depth and perspective. My fascination with capturing light goes beyond trying to enhance form, but also tries portray light as a form interacting with other forms. One aspect in my painting comes from the interaction of the viewer with the painting. Depending on the position of the viewer, the forms interacting with the light will change. I found this element relevant to much of the classical tradition, the ability to connect with the art from different viewing angles and receive a different experience from the art depending upon perspective.

  • SF Gallery ListingsFebruary 29 to March 9

    SF Gallery Listings
    February 29 to March 9

    By Khalida Sarwari February 25, 2008 AFRICAN AMERICAN ART AND CULTURE COMPLEX — “Americans Who Tell the Truth,” through April 6. An art exhibition featuring over 50 portraits of Americans who have stood up for…