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  • Only in America

    The massacre in the Aurora movie theater should surprise no one. After Virginia Tech, after Columbine, after Jordan Lee Loughner’s assault on Gabby Giffords, it should surprise no one. And that’s just the latest. Count on it, it’s going to happen again.

  • Right to work

    Right-To-Work Laws: A GOP Assault on Unions

    Right-to-work laws are a potent political symbol, causing serious adverse financial consequences for unions. The Democratic Party receives significant support from organized labor, who supply a great deal of the money, grass roots political organization, and voting base in support of the party. Thus, RTW is not only an assault on unions, but also on the Democratic Party, who rely on labor for support.

  • Groups Kick Off 99% Spring Training Sessions

    Others believe Occupy is an all-encompassing movement and must include all voices (except the 1 percent and non-breathing corporations of course); that labor has the resources and the organizational expertise to achieve realistic goals.

  • The Facts: Clinton comes up short

    The Facts: Clinton comes up short

    From Barack Obama Campaign Manager David Plouffe (excerpted) April 23, 2008 Last night, Senator Clinton used up her last, best chance to cut appreciably into Barack Obama’s elected delegate lead. She came up short. In…

  • Obama delegates earn stripes for Denver Democratic Party Convention

    Obama delegates earn stripes for Denver Democratic Party Convention

    A Democratic Party member considers the purchase of Barack Obama campaign materials during a Democratic Party caucus meeting yesterday held to select delegates for the 8th Congressional District. Photos by Luke Thomas By Luke Thomas…

  • Grade School Politics

    Grade School Politics

    Bollocks to the rules! Senator Hillary Clinton, who trails Senator Barack Obama in total delegates, number of states won, and the popular vote, now wants to change the rules to cheat a path to the…