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  • Scott Wiener

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    Why Wiener’s Nudity Ban Is Bad for Everybody

    The final vote on San Francisco’s nudity ban is this upcoming Tuesday, December 4. This draconian law represents a serious failure of leadership on the part of Supervisor Scott Wiener and brings up many interesting questions about this issue and the direction of our city.

  • Panel: Journalists At Risk Without U.S. Shield Law

    Wolf spent 226 days at the federal detention center in Dublin between August 2006 and April 2007 – an experience he describes as “more boring than brutal” — for refusing to surrender raw video footage and give testimony to a federal grand jury about a Mission District demonstration in July 2005.

  • Bill Would End Journalist Lockout at State Prisons

    Bill Would End Journalist Lockout at State Prisons

    This month, the Assembly Appropriations Committee unanimously passed AB 1270, also known as the “California Prisons: Media Access” bill, and it is expected to sail through the Senate in March.

    Of course, lawmakers have repeatedly approved nearly identical legislation in the past, only to see it fall victim to vigorous lobbying by the Department of Corrections and victim rights groups.

    But neither opposes the current bill, which was sponsored by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano.

  • U.S. judge withdraws injunction,reinstates whistleblower website

    U.S. judge withdraws injunction,
    reinstates whistleblower website

    By Julia Cheever February 29, 2008 A federal judge in San Francisco today withdrew a permanent injunction he issued Feb. 15 that required a San Mateo-based domain registrar to shut down the American version of…