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  • Iranyi Publishes Book of Pre-Earthquake Arg-E-Bam Photos

    The ruined, historic city of Bam is located in southeastern Iran. It is made entirely of mud bricks, clay, straw, and the trunks of palm trees. The city was originally founded during the Sassanian period (224-637) and while some of the surviving structures date from before the 12th century, most of what remains today dates to the Safavid period (1502-1722).

  • The Invasion of Iraq Ten Years Later: A Mistake That Should Not Be Forgotten

    I can remember it like yesterday. I was in Chicago at a Centers for Disease Control conference for work and it was going to happen – we were going to war in Iraq, a war based on lies

  • SWIFT Pressured to Ban Iran Over Nuclear Ambitions

    SWIFT is the financial equivalent of the United Nations. It facilitates the bulk of the world’s cross-border payments. The member-owned cooperative has been described as the ‘glue’ of the global banking system with the value of daily payments using SWIFT estimated at more than $6 trillion. SWIFT is vital to international money flows, exchanging an average 18 million payment messages per day between banks and other financial institutions in 210 countries.

  • Overheard in Fog City:City Hall Norouz event postponed over flap

    This is currently a hot topic

    Overheard in Fog City:
    City Hall Norouz event postponed over flap

    The third annual Norouz event, scheduled for Friday, March 21 has been postponed one week due to a flap between event organizer, Turquoise Bridges, and Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi. Photos by Luke Thomas By Luke Thomas…

  • The CrackBerry Chronicles Norouzetan Mobarak!

    The CrackBerry Chronicles Norouzetan Mobarak!

    Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi, Sasaneh Solaimani, Composer Anoushirvan Rohani, Dr. Elahe Ensani, and Elaine Santore. Photos by Luke Thomas By Elaine Santore March 10, 2008 Norouzetan Mobarak! (Happy New Year) If you’re Catholic, right now you’re…

  • Quarters for the Magdalene Laundries

    Quarters for the Magdalene Laundries

    Adrian Jenkins By Adrian L. Jenkins, Special to Fog City Journal March 5, 2008 Every night in an Iranian cemetery a parliament of blackbirds gathers to blackly flower the kingdom of the dead. One midnight…