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  • Why I appreciate Press TV

    Why I appreciate Press TV

    The allegation that Press TV serves as the “mouthpiece of Iranian government” deserves scrutiny. Every media outlet around the world endeavors to satisfy its owner and serve—or at least not undermine—its interests, especially when the owner is a government. Press TV is going to grow professionally, and become more like an Iranian BBC. I personally oppose Press TV serving as a mouthpiece for any power, including the Iranian government; however, the problem is that we don’t know of any international news outlet that doesn’t often serve as a mouthpiece for its respective government.

  • Why the mainstream mediadoesn’t care about the murder of gay teens

    Why the mainstream media
    doesn’t care about the murder of gay teens

    By Tanene Allison February 27, 2008 Lawrence “Larry” King was shot to death and the media thought that you didn’t need to know about it. Larry, as you might have now learned, was fifteen and…