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  • May Day protest, International Workers Day, San Francisco

    Bay Area May Day Protest Action Marred by Pockets of Non-Occupy Violence

    But May Day was also one in which thousands attended mostly peaceful, non-violent protests in support of immigrants, workers and others who comprise the 99 percent of Americans who feel they are at the mercy of an unregulated capitalist system run amok by unfettered greed and political corruption, a system that benefits the few over the expense of the many.

  • Occupy Oakland to Host
    Saturday Neighborhood Barbeques

    Four barbecues are scheduled through mid-April, with the March 17 event from noon to 5 p.m. at Arroyo Viejo Park, 7701 Krause St. in East Oakland near Bancroft and 77th streets. All will include free food, arts and crafts, music, a children’s play area, literature and workshops.

  • Richmond Mayor Welcomes Occupy, Education Marchers

    Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin made a morning visit to St. Mark’s Church, the first overnight stop in the four-day Occupy Education march from the Bay Area to Sacramento. The group plans to reach UC Davis Sunday and board busses to join large demonstrations at the capitol Monday. About 100 people signed up for the march, with some joining at stops along the way, according to march organizers.

  • Occupy Oakland to Join Workers
    in Fight at Castlewood Country Club

    Club general manager Jerry Olson said the march is a sign the union is getting desperate. However, he admitted that many clients have canceled since the lockout, although he insisted the club has acquired new members and continues to turn a profit. He did not offer specifics.

  • Non-Violent Occupy Oakland Protests Against Police Brutality

    Non-Violent Occupy Oakland Protests
    Against Police Brutality

    Following Occupy Oakland’s J28 “Move-in Day” action, which resulted in hundreds of arrests and rampant reports of police brutality and human rights violations against mostly peaceful protesters, there has been a great deal of frustration and tension within the broader movement, Oakland, and the SF Bay Area at large. Occupy Oakland held its’ regularly scheduled weekly march against Police Brutality while many of us were still kettled and/or in transport that night, and a number of us who did not normally attend this action discussed within the walls of Glen Dyer and Santa Rita jails that we could no longer abstain from objecting to the brutality of Oakland’s police force

  • Occupy Demonstrators Protest Excessive Force by Oakland Police

    Occupy Demonstrators Protest Excessive Force
    by Oakland Police

    Still, most of the couple hundred attending directed the energy against cops. The event came after the Jan. 28 Move-In Day in which demonstrators tried taking over the vacant Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center to establish a new headquarters, and clashed with police into the night. The vast majority of the some 400 arrested were at a nearby YMCA. Police say demonstrators tried breaking into the building. Demonstrators said police cornered and brutalized them, and that workers allowed them in to escape. At the end of the night a small group broke into and vandalized city hall.

  • Violent Clashes with Police Mar Occupy Oakland Move-In Day

    Violent Clashes with Police Mar Occupy Oakland Move-In Day

    Before it was over early Sunday, demonstrators had broken into City Hall, pelted police with rocks, and were thrice turned back from establishing a new headquarters. Police responded with tear gas, flash grenades, bean bag bullets and, at times, excessive force. By days end, more than 300 people were arrested. Several injuries were reported, involving both police and protesters.