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  • Nurses Strike Sutter Health Over Demands for Worker Concessions

    For the fourth time since September, nurses across nine Sutter Health hospitals went on strike Wednesday in response to management demands for worker concessions that include reductions in healthcare coverage, increased pension contributions and changes to workplace rights and conditions. The nurses are also protesting widespread cuts by Sutter to in-patient care services.

  • CSU Faculty Union Votes to Strike

    “While the university’s top brass get pay hike after pay hike and the Trustees find new and creative ways to give excessive raises to campus presidents, the students and workers suffer,” Senator Leland Yee said.

  • Student Support Growing for CSU Faculty Strike Action

    Student Support Growing for CSU Faculty Strike Action

    The California Faculty Association, the union that represents 24,000 CSU employees – including coaches, counselors, librarians and faculty – will vote April 16 through 27 to approve or reject a series of two-day rolling strikes in May.