Kenyans, Party Animals, Dominate Bay to Breakers

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Published on May 18, 2009 with 11 Comments

In traditional San Francisco fashion,
revelers in the in the 98th annual Bay to Breakers race let it all hang out.
Photos by Luke Thomas

By Luke Thomas

May 18, 2009

Despite severe economic conditions and, perhaps, because of them, as many as 62,000 colorfully adorned runners and revelers turned out for the 98th annual Bay to Breakers race yesterday.

Under clear blue skies and warmer than normal temperatures, Sammy Kitwara, 22, of Kenya, broke the race record completing the 12 kilometer course in 33 minutes and 31 seconds, beating Ismael Kirui’s 1993 time by 11 seconds.

In the women’s category, Teyba Erkesso, 26, from Ethiopia, completed the course in 38 minutes and 29 seconds, beating last year’s women’s champion Lineth Chepkurui, 21, of Kenya, who placed second by seven seconds.

New rules aimed at clamping down on excessive alcohol consumption appeared to be unsuccessful, but the placement of 700 portable toilets along the course virtually eliminated complaints of public urination.

Drunk Pilots.

Police said no arrests were made though six participants were detained for public drunkenness.

“This success of this year’s race was the result of a City coming together in support of one mission: to safeguard the future of the ING Bay to Breakers 12K,” said race general manager Angela Fang. “We thank the residents, civic leaders and City services of San Francisco for helping us to continue to offer this vibrant, iconic event.”

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Swine Flu: Bacon’s Revenge.

B2B Mimes.

B2B Jokers.

There’s a new Sheriff in town.

Over inflated Life Guards.

Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein reunited.

Can I touch it?


California natives.

Diaper boys.

“f*ckING fun police.”

An Australian Hooter’s gal drinking the holy water.

B2B mobile disco.

Nuzzle time.

Erm, lads, the toilet is inside. Hello!

Nectar overdose?

Luke Thomas

Luke Thomas

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  1. ” … you missed one picture your readers would kill for. Yes, it seems that the ‘Best Political Mind in SF’ ran part of the race topless. Be still my heart.”

    – h.

    Thanks for the compliment, h.

    I had no idea you liked my tits so much!

  2. The pic of the four guys lined up and pissing outside the toilets, rather than inside, shows you how dumb men can be.

    I have the same problem where I live. The men are so stupid that they don’t know the difference between the flower boxes I have on the sidewalk and urinals.

    Now you know why you never see drinking fountains in men’s bathrooms!

  3. I want to move to SF. Congratulations you lucky wackos. Suggest that FCJ runs these type of stories as frequently as possible. However I am a vegetarian and the 1st photo of the gentlemen displaying his meat and two veg was a little up-setting.


  4. Great pics. Almost as good as mine.

  5. Re: “…precious progressive bodacious beauties ?”


  6. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. . . . .

  7. So where are the pics of Hope, Elaine and the rest of our bevy of precious progressive bodacious beauties ?

  8. Why are all the people who show up naked at these events happen to be the people who really SHOULDN’T be naked?

  9. Wow, that guy in the top pic really has an ugly dick and balls. They look like they’re unwashed implants from an old cadaver that was rejected for use by UCSF’s medical school.

    Some people should wear clothes.

  10. Whoa!! I can’t believe I missed it this year … from just looking at these pictures, it seems like Bay to Breakers is turning into another Folsom Street Fair. Better not bring small children!!

  11. Harold Brown

    Hey Luke,

    As usual the best shots. I have it from a reliable source that you missed one picture your readers would kill for. Yes, it seems that the ‘Best Political Mind in SF’ ran part of the race topless. Be still my heart.