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h. Brown

Photo(s) by Luke Thomas


h. Brown is a 62 year-old keeper of sfbulldog.com, an eclectic site featuring a half dozen City Hall denizens. h is a former sailor, firefighter, teacher, nightclub owner, and a hard-living satirical muckraker.

Contact Info

Email: h_brown44@yahoo.com

Recent articles by h. brown

Court Jester previews BOS agenda
February 12, 2008

Court Jester falls in love
February 8, 2008

Court Jester rubs shoulders with Senator John Kerry
February 3, 2008

Ben and Tatiana
January 21, 2008

Court Jester not happy with Alioto-Pier war on SF cabbies
January 15, 2008

Hennessey throws eighth inauguration reception
January 10, 2008

Tiger bites Court Jester during Capricorn Birthday Fest
December 31, 2007

Court Jester's Year in Review
December 29, 2007

Court Jester attends Alioto-Veronese fundraiser
December 25, 2007

Size matters in Fresno
November 29, 2007

Brown crucifies Newsom
October 13, 2007

Odds and ends in La Mancha
October 7, 2007

Court Jester lays out his vision for San Francisco
October 3, 2007

Court Jester reviews his fitness campaign, Julian Davis dramz and the 7th Mayoral Debate
September 30, 2007

Court Jester reviews fifth mayoral debate
September 15, 2007

Newsom co-opts Court Jester's platform
September 14, 2007

Restructured Jiminez Patrol nabs bad guys
September 13, 2007

Court Jester reviews fifth mayoral debate
Rubs shoulders with baseball royalty

September 9, 2007

Court Jester reviews fourth 2007 mayoral debate
- Hoogasian, Holmes, Mecke, Sumchai and Wolf lead pack
- Kaplan arrested
September 5, 2007

Court Jester reviews third 2007 mayoral debate
September 2, 2007

Red Moon, Heart by-pass, Hall drops
August 31, 2007

Court Jester reviews second 2007 mayoral debate
August 25, 2007

Court Jester invites San Francisco to the 2nd Mayoral Candidates Debate
August 21, 2007

Court Jester reviews first 2007 mayoral debate
August 18, 2007

Court Jester reviews the mayor's race
August 13, 2007

'The People' as candidate
July 7, 2007

Sutton feasting on Ed Jew stew!
July 7, 2007

Court Jester crosses paths with Matt Gonzalez
July 5, 2007

I find orgies boring and my vacuum cleaner keeps turning itself on
July 3, 2007

Want some mayonnaise with your Summer malaise?
June 30, 2007

Court Jester analyzes Peskin as Budget Chair
June 29, 2007

Court Jester reviews Police Officers' Association MOU victory
June 27, 2007

24 hours in the life of h. Brown
June 24, 2007

Putting perspective on Peskin Putsch
June 18, 2007

Court Jester's week in review
June 9, 2007

On a mission from God: Court Jester files to run for Mayor of San Francisco
June 7, 2007

Court Jester reviews 2007 San Francisco Progressive Convention
June 3, 2007

Court Jester courts 'Queen Bee' coffee tales
June 1, 2007

I win the lottery!
May 17, 2007

Court Jester reviews Chronicle's chronic fear of blogosphere
March 25, 2007

Court Jester reviews Code Pink anti-war rally, meets father of imprisoned journalist Josh Wolf
March 22, 2007

Court Jester seeks Amnesty International intervention in Wolf case
March 20, 2007

Court Jester reviews Derse send-off
March 16, 2007

Court Jester reviews Rules Committee hearing
March 16, 2007

Court Jester reviews Peskin flip-flops
March 7, 2007

Court Jester reviews Salon, tidal power, phone call to imprisoned journalist Josh Wolf
March 6, 2007

China First (name of restaurant on Clement)
February 27, 2007

Court Jester sets the Tourkgate record straight
February 8, 2007

Court Jester calls for Alsup recall
February 7, 2007

Court Jester reviews Queen Mary II sighting
February 5, 2007

Queen Mary, Queen Bee, Doug and Salon
February 5, 2007

Court Jester on Ragone, estrangement, Bobby Kapaone
January 30, 2007

Court Jester on avatars, WI-FI, and other musings
January 29, 2007

Court Jester bestows 6th Annual Bulldog Awards
January 26, 2006

Court Jester analyzes Peskin committee assignments
January 24, 2007

Court Jester on Hunter's Point Shipyard and California medical marijuana id card price hike
January 18, 2007

Court Jester on Josh Wolf and loss of old friends
January 16, 2007

Court Jester reviews Board of Supervisors swearing in ceremony
January 9, 2006

Court Jester hosts Fog City/Bulldog Xmas Day bash
December 26, 2006

Court Jester apologizes
December 5, 2006

Court Jester looks at Green Party uncivil war
December 1, 2006

Court Jester analyzes Peskin and Pier port pork push
November 30, 2006

Court Jester interviews OJ
November 21, 2006

Court Jester racks up a pro-pool tourney in the fog
November 17, 2006

SOS - Court Jester needs a computer
November 16, 2006

Court Jester x-rays Jew's win
November 13, 2006

Daly takes five rounds to finish off Black
Ed Jew comes from behind for stirring victory

November 10, 2006

Court Jester loves The Daly Show
The 'You-Tube' Presidency!
Talk about mother-f**king reality TV!

November 10, 2006

Court Jester breaks down San Francisco 2006 election results
November 8, 2006

Court Jester rides cable car to stars
November 5, 2006

Court Jester looks at foot patrols and Newsom veto
November 4, 2006

San Francisco's Court Jester dissects 8th Congressional District debate
November 2, 2006

Court Jester candidate endorsements
October 23, 2006

Propositioning you
October 18, 2006

Watching Krissy run for Kongress XXVI
October 11, 2006

Watching Krissy run for Kongress XVIII (for mature audiences only)
September 29, 2006

Watching Krissy run for Kongress XVIII (for mature audiences only)
September 24, 2006




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