Edwin Lee Sworn In as 43rd Mayor of San Francisco

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Former City Administrator Edwin M. Lee was officially sworn into office yesterday as the 43rd Mayor of San Francisco in the majestic rotunda at City Hall before a packed audience of family members, current and former city leaders and supporters from the Chinese-American community. Photos by Luke Thomas.

From the Office of Mayor Edwin M. Lee

January 12, 2011

Edwin M. Lee was sworn in yesterday as the 43rd Mayor of the City and County of San Francisco. The former City Administrator, Lee was appointed unanimously as successor mayor by the Board of Supervisors to fill the remaining year of former Mayor Gavin Newsom’s term, who was sworn in as California’s Lieutenant Governor on Monday. Lee is the first Asian-American mayor in San Francisco history.

“I am profoundly humbled by the confidence placed in me today and energized by this historic opportunity to serve the people of our great City as mayor,” said Mayor Lee. “Today, on behalf of all San Franciscans, let us come together as a City to bridge that which may divide us and meet the challenges of governing in these difficult times.”

Mayor Edwin Lee.

In 2010, Mayor Lee was appointed to a second term as City Administrator by Mayor Newsom and his appointment was confirmed unanimously by the Board of Supervisors. As City Administrator, Mayor Lee spearheaded government efficiency measures and reforms that reduced the size and cost of government, from reducing the vehicle fleet to consolidating departments and back office functions to save tax dollars. He implemented the City’s move to cleaner vehicles and an infrastructure to support electric vehicles and green City government. Mayor Lee also developed and oversaw implementation of the City’s first ever Ten Year Capital Plan to guide our capital priorities and infrastructure investment.

Working with the Department of Emergency Management, Mayor Lee has overseen the City’s disaster recovery and response planning efforts, bringing every department together to coordinate response and recovery for the next major earthquake or emergency. With the Fire Chief, Mayor Lee led efforts to work with PG&E to assess the City’s gas and electric infrastructure and ensure its safety and reliability. For the 2010 U.S. Census, Lee organized the outreach efforts to ensure our City continues to make progress on inclusion and cultural competency.

Mayor Lee first began working for the City and County of San Francisco in 1989 as the Investigator for the City’s first Whistle Blower Ordinance and has since served as the Executive Director of the Human Rights Commission, Director of City Purchasing, and Director of the Department of Public Works before he was first appointed as City Administrator in 2005.

Prior to his employment with the City and County of San Francisco, Mayor Lee was the Managing Attorney for the San Francisco Asian Law Caucus, for which he worked from 1979 to 1989. Mayor Lee was born in Seattle, Washington. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Bowdoin College in 1974 and from Boalt Hall School of Law, University of California, Berkeley, in 1978. Mayor Lee is married to his wife Anita and is the father of two daughters Brianna and Tania.

Former Mayor Willie Brown was the master of ceremonies for the event.

Former Mayor Willie Brown, Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom and Mayor Ed Lee.

With Willie Brown and Gavin Newsom standing behind him, Ed Lee is sworn into office by San Francisco Superior Court Chief Magistrate Katherine Feinstein, daughter of US Senator and former Mayor Dianne Feinstein.

San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee.

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Oakland Mayor Jean Quan.

Board of Supervisors President David Chiu and interim mayor-select Edwin Lee.

At a reception following his swearing in, Mayor Ed Lee was surrounded by admirers including Ernestine Weiss and San Francisco Sentinel Publisher emeritus, Pat Murphy.


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  1. I’d never even heard of Ed Lee before this palace coup and wonder how many San Franciscans had.

  2. I thought the deal was that he wouldn’t run for mayor. Supposedly he’s just a “caretaker.” But if there’s one thing we have learned from the way this whole corrupt clique operates, is that their word is worthless.

  3. So what’s the deal now? Is Ed Lee expected to run for mayor and is that within the rules?