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Tim Arnold is a 35-year advertising industry veteran and a frequently published writer who's run his own consultancy agency, Possible20, for many years. His first job was at D’Arcy, St. Louis, where he ran the Budweiser business for 10 years, launching the ground-breaking “This Bud’s for You” campaign. He moved to New York twenty-eight years ago, and has run businesses for J. Walter Thompson (Burger King, Miller), Scali McCabe Sloves (Hertz) and DMB&B (worldwide Board of Directors; Dir, Global Business Development). He was president of McCann Amsteryard and a partner at The Ad Store, where he produced the notorious first Super Bowl commercial for GoDaddy. For three years he told his stories in a regular column for Adweek magazine and now contributes to AdvertisingAge. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has published Tim's work, and he's a frequent contributor to The FogCity Journal. He also plays a mean blues guitar and has played numerous clubs in New York City as part of the Night Train Blues Band.

  • It’s Show Time! And Violence is Golden

    It’s doubtful anyone can prove a direct link between “movie violence” and the abhorrent level of murder by guns in the US. But it is certainly part of the reinvigorated and broader debate on gun control following the horrifying mass murders at the Newtown Elementary School – an issue caught in the “cultural violence” element of the debate that also includes video games, television and the like.

  • America Faces Gun Culture Crossroads

    Our nation stands challenged by yet one more horrific, violent act at the hands of another deranged, damaged soul who had access to weapons of mass destruction that should not have been available to him under any circumstances. When, at long last, is enough enough?

  • “It’s Morning Again in America”

    Obama consistently posed the same question Ronald Reagan asked in a landmark television commercial from his winning re-election campaign in 1984, “Why would we ever want to return to where we were less than four short years ago?”

  • Only in America

    The massacre in the Aurora movie theater should surprise no one. After Virginia Tech, after Columbine, after Jordan Lee Loughner’s assault on Gabby Giffords, it should surprise no one. And that’s just the latest. Count on it, it’s going to happen again.

  • Dateline Iowa: Republican Party Hoisted on its Own Petard

    Ron Paul (barely) – Paul landed less than a single percentage point behind Bachmann (although your wouldn’t know it from the conservative media’s instant anointment of Bachmann, Romney and Perry as the party’s “Top Tier Candidates”). A perhaps surprising showing in this conservative state since many of his libertarian positions are, well, provocative: legalize marijuana; abolish income tax; allow Iran to have nukes (“everybody else does…”); pull the US out of the United Nations and NATO – and the Middle East; allow states to secede from the union; eliminate the Federal Reserve; eliminate legal tender laws and sales tax on gold and silver – heck, let the free market determine monetary standards. Dr No has voted against virtually every initiative for government spending and new taxes in his 14 years as a Texas Congressman – more no’s than any other office holder. All of which impressed Iowans enough to rank him the second most-desirable Republican candidate. The American People – in Iowa – have spoken! But who’s listening?

  • The American People Have Spoken

    America is being hoisted by its own petard by an anger-driven and misled electorate, duped by the very powers they are railing against, armed with mathematically flawed financial agendas and swayed by promises impossible to keep. We have become a culture insistent on instant fixes but unwilling to any make sacrifices to enable viable solutions. Ergo, we jump on the extended tax cuts bandwagon for the wealthy, and ourselves, which will only add to the deficit, and for what? Another “trickle down” fantasy?

  • The Missing Link

    The week before the convention it was cleared for security by the US Capitol Police, whose mission it is to “protect and support the Congress in meeting its Constitutional responsibilities.” This statue – rented and installed there by the Republican conventioneers – is two stories tall and sat right inside the front door and immediately to the right of a large bank of metal detectors. “Give me your revelers,” it says around its base.