Rare Photo of Supertramp Financier Surfaces

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A rare photo of Supertramp financier Stanley August Miesegaes
at his home in Grand Lancy, Geneva, with his half-sister Anna Thomas-Faber,
circa October 1985.
Photo by Luke Thomas

By Luke Thomas

March 4, 2009

Supertramp fans will have much to be excited about with the publishing of this rare photograph of Supertramp financier Stanley August Miesegaes, affectionately known as Sam.

In 1969 the Dutch-born millionaire provided Supertramp founder and friend, Rick Davies, the funding to form what would later became one of the world’s greatest progressive rock bands.

In recognition of his generosity and support, Supertramp in 1974 dedicated its third album, Crime of the Century, “To Sam,” an album certified “Gold” in the US in 1977. In 1979, Supertramp released Breakfast in America, an album recorded in New York City that sold 18 million copies worldwide and earned Supertramp a Grammy Award for Best Recording Package.

In his later years and up until his death in 1990, Sam, an accomplished pianist, composer and pilot – led a private and semi-reclusive life. He once lamented to this writer (his nephew) the breakup of Supertramp in 1983.

“Ah, Roger,” he sighed, referring to Supertramp co-founder Roger Hodgson’s departure from the group, adding that he hoped Davies and Hodgson would one day reconcile their differences and reunite.

Roger, Rick? How about it?

Luke Thomas

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  1. Nicely written Luke. As a Supertramp fan and a songwriter myself I felt a real affinity for the way you put this.

  2. Great

  3. How many breakfasts have you had in America Mr. Thomas..? Looking remarkably slim for so may waffles 🙂 Life has seasons and each one is a delightful change. No need for despair and darkness, embrace the love and of course live every single day, as if each day was a life itself.

    BTW still looking for that part from my 67 Mustang…….oh not important, there’s a sunset and a beer to be had.


  4. “Take the long way home … take the long way home.”