Supervisor Chris Daly Issues Statement

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Published on July 22, 2009 with 67 Comments

Daly family portrait: Chris, Sarah, Jack and Grace Eolen Daly.
Photo by Luke Thomas

By Chris Daly, special to Fog City Journal

July 22, 2009, 2:57 pm

As an elected official, I take seriously my obligations to my constituents and to San Francisco. As a father of two young children, and a husband, I take seriously my family responsibilities as well.

Recently, my wife, Sarah, and I had an opportunity to purchase a house in Fairfield, two doors away from Sarah’s childhood home, where her parents still live. Last month Sarah and the kids moved in. It is in a diverse neighborhood that Sarah loves, and it gives our children the opportunity to grow up with grandparents steps away.

Even though Sarah and the kids make frequent visits to the City, it is tough to be apart from my family. But Sarah and I are determined to do what is best for our kids – which means moving them closer to multi-generational family support.

I continue to eat, sleep, and bathe in my home on Stevenson Street. I bicycle to City Hall and to district meetings from my home and intend to continue to do so until the end of my Supervisor term and probably for longer.

Chris Daly

Chris Daly

Chris Daly is the Political Director for SEIU Local 1021, a union of over 50,000 public sector and non-profit workers. He served on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors from 2001-2011 and owns and operates The Buck, a bar and grill on Market Street.

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  1. I think it is sad that they think it is better for the kids to be around the grandparents than the FATHER …
    but heck, the saddest part of all is that people cannot afford to move to San Francisco to be around their grandchildren. It just isn’t possible.

  2. ttemprano, — I’m just wonder here, when say, you read the crazy reasoning of Palin and her apologists for quitting do you think Palin and her apologists are ridiculous?

    When Rush made up his Oxy Cottin stories and his ditto heads swallowed it hook line and sinker did you think they were ridiculous?

    It takes a whole lot of class to come to SF and tell people how to live their lives while also taking orders from special interests, unions, racialists and other local kooks.

    Then when the kids are old enough to feel the brunt of his policies and utopian schemes to up and leave… Like the carpet bagger he said he wasn’t?

    paulhogarth, — Daly has everything to do with the quality of schools, that budget thing the board does, you may have noticed it in the paper and word of mouth?

    Daly and the rest of the progressives spread the money around to all the various city complaint groups, then the basic services like the schools and bus system that all citizens use are a wreck. Daly is exactly to blame, not the “greedy rich” or whoever.

  3. There’s a reason why people are so upset about Chris Daly’s second house in Fairfield.

    Daly has repeatedly and self-righteously attacked residents in at-risk neighborhoods who were trying to make their environments safe, clean, and peaceful.

    I’ll give you an example.

    Some years ago, a measure came before the board of supes to outlaw urination and defecation on sidewalks and streets. It finally passed the board unanimously, including support from Daly.

    However, the crucial vote came earlier, on an amendment offered by Daly. His amendment would have made the ordinance null and void unless the city could certify that there were enough public toilets everywhere in the city to satisfy everyone’s needs.

    Daly self-righteously attacked supporters of the original measure. He accused them of being mean-spirited in dealing with the homeless.

    In response, supporters of the original measure pointed out that Daly’s amendment would make enforcement of the ordinance impossible, as a practical matter. Any one cited could immediately bring proceedings to a halt, until the question of the availability of toilets throughout the city was investigated and decided.

    Daly’s crippling amendment failed by one vote, 6 to 5. Afterwards, as noted, the original measure passed unanimously.

    This example is not the only one. Daly has repeatedly led the attack on efforts to make marginal neighborhoods safe, clean, and peaceful. He has repeatedly demonized those engaged in such an effort.

    And now, after all his posturing and pontificating, after all his finger-pointing at everyone else, he is going to end up in a thoroughly bourgeois, suburban enclave.

    Daly leaves behind the rest of us, still struggling to introduce minimal standards of civilized conduct into our degraded neighborhoods, from which we cannot escape, like him.

    There is a word for this type of behavior in politics: hypocrisy.

    It’s even more offensive when it occurs among those who claim to be the vanguard of progress.


  4. Thanks Chris for the wonderful years. I know that my extended stay in San Francisco has been made possible by you being here, and your compassionate strife to keep it that way. Thanks Sarah for letting Chris stay so long as you have.

  5. hey paulhogarth, perhaps it is you that doesn’t understand our system of government.


    To say that the mayor and/or the BOS have no influence and no culpability is ridiculous. They, along with the governor, have let this fuit fall to the ground while they appease the far left and far right of the spectrum. Everday working people are not connected to the deep pockets in politics, and therefore must suffer.

    ttemprano, the comments above show a lot more class than Daly has over the years.

    As far as D6 goes, it will change for the better as soon as those who are allowed to deficate/buy sex/deal drugs in the streets are run(priced) out of town. It hasn’t happened yet, and it will take a long time to complete.

    I’m happy his children can be near their granny, his wife can be near her mother, and that he is leaving SF. If we can replace him with someone who is not a wingnut or cowboy, but rather a pragmatic forward thinking politician who can recognize that D6 did not become what it is overnight, that it will not be fixed overnight, and that the road forward begins with laying the groundwork for a new D6.

  6. Let me start off by saying that it takes a whole lot of class to criticize a parent for making a decision based on the needs and well-being of their family. A lot of class, commenters.

    Chris has every right to want to move into a community where has children can see their grandparents each day. To say that his decision has everything to do with the quality of San Francisco schools versus the proximity of family is speculative at best and malicious at worst.

    I don’t know how many commenters actually live in D6, but I do and have for years. Chris has passionately defended the interest and rights of the people in this district and has CERTAINLY made it a better place for all to live. I am sad to hear he’s leaving the city, but, hey, at least he’s that much closer to Sacramento.

  7. jtothed writes: “Let me guess, his kid is about to enter the school system, which Chris and his ilk have done NOTHING substantial to fix in their time on the BOS.”

    Ummh, I’m not sure if you understand our basic system of government … but the Board of Supervisors has nothing to do with the quality our schools. If you think our public schools in San Francisco suck, bitch at the School Board members.

  8. Strangely my post here a month or two ago calling Daly a carpet bagger was deleted.

  9. Does Chris own his SF home? If he does, here is hoping he keeps it. Rents it out. And ends up taking a bath on his mortgage when his ridiculous “rent control” measures have him covering for his renter’s inability to pay.

  10. As expected by every native SFer, this clown will move out once he can no longer soak us for $130+k a year.

    Flippin typical. Let me guess, his kid is about to enter the school system, which Chris and his ilk have done NOTHING substantial to fix in their time on the BOS.

    To all carpetbaggers who wonder why natives are so bitter towards you, it’s because of guys like like Daly who come in to what was a great place to live and raise your family and then turn it into a free-for-all toilet.

    If the Progressives continue down their current path, they might as well just hire the Child Catcher from Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang to remove the few remaining kids.

    And as another shot across the bow to the Progs on Education, how is it someone like John Avalos say he is working hard for the District he repreasents when he passes through ten (10) seperate elementary school zones (including Monroe where his wife works)on his way to drop the little ones off at Lakeshore? The schools in the Excelsior aren’t good enough for your kids, but they’re ok for your “constituents”?

    Before I get called a stalker, I got the info on the Lakeshore/Monroe thing from his page on SFGOV website.

  11. lucky for him he makes big pay, big healthcare and big pension to buy TWO homes.

    lucky for him he can get his kids out of this shitty city and into “multigenerational support.”

    lucky for us his ass is outta here, he has no political pull with his junior associate (and shitty) supervisor, john “sellusout” avalos

    lucky for his he’s done, and he’ll be ruining fairfield soon enough, living off the gov’t cheese we pay for.

  12. Yup. Thanks for screwing up this city for the rest of us and then leaving us with the mess. Typical.

  13. Best news all week. Don’t let the door hit ya…

  14. Harold Brown


    Chris has given us 8 1/2 amazingly productive years. I’m sure he’ll fight for us the remaining 18 months or so. I’m surprised that the major press is treating it as a non story. I guess it is if you don’t see a future for him in SF politics and by his actions he’s pretty much taking himself out of it.

    I’m more concerned about him giving up his chair of Rules. His victory there over the Mazzola Plumbers cabal was exciting stuff.


  15. “I bicycle to City Hall and to district meetings from my home and intend to continue to do so until the end of my Supervisor term and probably for longer.”

    Right. After Daly and the BOS vote to screw up San Francisco’s traffic with the Bicycle Plan, he’ll be outtahere and riding his bike in Fairfield.

  16. ed jew has not been forgotten. chris is ethical about his new home. why is the ethics commission still refusing to verify the residency of sean? bevan and michaela may be old news, but does the local press follow “orders” in residency allegations? let the debate continue.

  17. This means he has to resign?
    Isn’t there a clause that supes must live in SF?
    He’s pulling an Ed Jew by that last paragraph.

  18. I’ve always admired Chris Daly’s integrity and honesty even now in what appears to be an awkward situation.

    This is America and he has a right to raise his kids the best way he sees fit.

    I’ve always considered Daly a class act– opposite of how his detractors caricature him.

    Maybe he won’t ever be mayor, but he’ll never be a bum.

  19. How unfortunate. He can kiss his political career in this town goodbye.
    What is “best for HIS kids” is NOT raising them in San Francisco?
    The message he is sending is that people who take their parenting responsibilities seriously MOVE OUT OF SAN FRANCISCO?

  20. That’s a sweet pic of the Chris Daly family!

    Best of luck to Mrs. Daly and the children in their new home in Fairfield.

    Chris Daly’s family is lucky they have the resources to move into an environment that is civilized and safe. That is, a place were people are not constantly pushing drugs, urinating and defecating on the sidewalks, harassing passers-by, getting in fist-fights with each other, dumping garbage everywhere, leaving used needles in children’s sandboxes, and pounding on drums around the clock.

    Not all of us have the money to make such a move as Mrs. Daly and the children have made. We can’t just get up and leave, which is a wonderful luxury to have.

    So we have to fight to bring minimal standards of civilized behavior to the places we are stuck in.

    Supervisor Daly, won’t you help us in this effort?

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