Supervisor Chris Daly Issues Statement

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Published on July 22, 2009 with 67 Comments

Daly family portrait: Chris, Sarah, Jack and Grace Eolen Daly.
Photo by Luke Thomas

By Chris Daly, special to Fog City Journal

July 22, 2009, 2:57 pm

As an elected official, I take seriously my obligations to my constituents and to San Francisco. As a father of two young children, and a husband, I take seriously my family responsibilities as well.

Recently, my wife, Sarah, and I had an opportunity to purchase a house in Fairfield, two doors away from Sarah’s childhood home, where her parents still live. Last month Sarah and the kids moved in. It is in a diverse neighborhood that Sarah loves, and it gives our children the opportunity to grow up with grandparents steps away.

Even though Sarah and the kids make frequent visits to the City, it is tough to be apart from my family. But Sarah and I are determined to do what is best for our kids – which means moving them closer to multi-generational family support.

I continue to eat, sleep, and bathe in my home on Stevenson Street. I bicycle to City Hall and to district meetings from my home and intend to continue to do so until the end of my Supervisor term and probably for longer.

Chris Daly

Chris Daly is the Political Director for SEIU Local 1021, a union of over 50,000 public sector and non-profit workers. He served on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors from 2001-2011 and owns and operates The Buck, a bar and grill on Market Street.

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  1. Dear Chris,

    Why does that lovely statement not tell the truth? You bought two homes in cash, you lowballed the young family with the lowest bid but since you paid in the cash they so desperately need since they are now jobless they took it. Why do you not feel comfortable enough to admit that?
    After you evicted them did you get a tenant to pay only the 33% of salary? Will you follow all of the rules you demanded in SF? I rent here in San Francisco, I would love to buy a place but I cannot since your rules make it very hard for me. By the way, why do your kids go to school over there and not here? Will your SF Condo tenants have rent control? Good luck in the burbs

  2. Really, San Fran? You’re beating up on a guy for his personal family decisions, and you don’t want his kids to be closer to their grandparents. You guys are a-holes.

  3. oyVEY

  4. The Chron has just reported that Chris Daly lives in a single room of his SF condo, sleeping on a mattress on the floor.

    There are three other occupants besides Daly in the SF condo: His wife’s brother and his wife, and another man.

  5. When Chris Daly ran for supervisor during the last election he certainly did everything he could to present himself as a candidate in-touch with working families living in District 6. He stood on the corner near our apartment building greeting families on their way to work and school. He campaigned with his wife and brought his son to numerous events as well. Well, it certainly seemed he was willing to walk the walk and raise a family in the neighborhood.

    It turns out, Chris is more interested in being the darling of the progressives. It’s too bad he didn’t run for CITYWIDE office, he ran to represent District 6 and the many families that actually do live here. Many families in the Tenderloin do have multi-generational family support, who are forced to live in their converted walk-in closets and living rooms because they earn a few thousand dollars a year too much to qualify for low-income housing and hundreds of thousands too little to qualify for market housing.

    Ironic that he has moved his family to Fairfield. Last time I was there, it seemed the economy was largerly supported by Travis Air Force base. Wasn’t he the one trying to ban the Navy’s Blue Angels from even flying over San Francisco?

  6. Bottom line:

    Through his recent actions and words, Chris Daly has come across to most voters as a hypocrite and a fool.

    He may not be. But he seems oblivious as to how he has come across, or else he doesn’t care, or else he doesn’t know how to correct the problem.

    His surrogates try to divert attention away from the problem with their usual ad hominem attacks.

    This spectacle is not a productive way to conduct politics, and everybody knows it.

  7. Arthur Evans: They were mercy fucks. I felt sorry for you.

    Yet you still come back for more, even now.

    Show us all that you mean what you say.


  8. In a post above, Marc asks:

    “why have you let me fuck with you in these forums for almost a decade?”

    They were mercy fucks. I felt sorry for you.

    But compassion has its limits.

  9. Arthur Evans wrote: “I’m sorry to see that you’re still so bitter about what happened. But as I said, you’re just not my type.”

    Then why have you let me fuck with you in these forums for almost a decade?

    Arthur Evans wrote: “Daly doesn’t want his wife and kids to live in the wretched conditions in his SF district, which he has done nothing to improve during his tenure as a supe.”

    How sexist to presume that Daly sent his family away.

    I thought Gavin Newsom solved homelessness when Care Not Cash passed?


  10. On the way above comment that the conservatives and moderates have made a mess of this town and that the “progressives” are saving it.

    I suppose it all depends on perspective. Being a flunky for one special interest over another is I suppose is a good thing, when that special interest is yours.

    Daly’s helping to hand the city over to our cities; union’s, bike nuts, racial special interest’s, neighborhood whiners, authoritarian leftists, eco-kooks, entitlement grafters, and the rest of the gang as opposed to governing in the best interests of all the citizens.

    The citizens such as those that have to deal with the brunt of Daly’s policies, the citizens who have to be begged from constantly, the citizens have to pay the ever increasing taxes and fees, the citizens who have to suffer the violence of Dalys gangsters and criminals that wonder through our justice system and the citizens who have to like or be accused of all sorts of crazy non sense.

    Now Daly flee’s to the suburbs so that his family doesn’t have to face the results of his policies.

  11. My Dear Marc,

    I’m sorry to see that you’re still so bitter about what happened. But as I said, you’re just not my type.

    It’s nothing personal. I’m sure that a person with your charm and social skills will have no problems in meeting someone else.

    In the meantime, though, you may want to check out Good Vibrations. I think they have an outlet near you.

  12. You can see a pic of the new Daly home in Fairfield.

    Go to Google Maps, and type in the following:

    1759 NANTUCKET CT, Fairfield, CA

    It doesn’t get more bourgeois than this!

    Daly doesn’t want his wife and kids to live in the wretched conditions in his SF district, which he has done nothing to improve during his tenure as a supe.

  13. Arthur Evans wrote:

    “What a lovely symmetry politics has!”


    Arthur’s problem is not the lack of availability of cucumbers, rather the fact that he’s not felt the touch of another person for so long, and that has left him a few quarts low on basic humanity.


  14. Chris Daly’s supporters in this thread are in a state of denial.

    Daly’s recent actions have triggered a wave of disgust among voters that is the largest I’ve seen on any topic in years.

    Within a short time after the Chron picked up the story, their online version logged more than 500 posts on the matter. Most were critical of Daly. Many were livid.

    In talk around town, in many different venues, people are shaking their heads about Daly. Some with laughter. Many with anger.

    In response, his surrogates and supporters have resorted to their usual tactics. That is, they have launched ad hominem attacks on other people and tried to change the topic of conversation.

    These tactics have not succeeded in diverting the voters’ attention away from Daly. He has shot himself in the foot once again, only this time with a bigger blast than ever before.

    The wound will crimp the remainder of his present term at City Hall. He’s more than a lame duck now. He’s a duck without feet.

    I love watching people who call themselves “progressives” make excuses for the cheesiness of their politicians. I also love watching people in the religious right do the same with their cheesy politicians.

    What a lovely symmetry politics has!

  15. Ruth,

    If you and Arthur marry you’ll be Ruth R. Snave-Evans. Good luck with that because like myself and Daly, Arthur has a terrible reputation and lots of enemies. The two of you walking down the street together must already turn lots of heads.

    I’d say that Jeff Adachi has clearly emerged as the new top banana of the Progressives. If the country can have a black president, SF can have a yellow mayor.


    I’d guess Chris didn’t advertise his purchases cause he thought it might cause a shitstorm of insults from the usual direction. Silly boy.

    He’s been planning ahead in the best interests of his family as any decent person does. The further ahead the better. Personally I’m planning to get drunk tonight. That’s far enough ahead for me.


  16. I wrote: “I’d question Arthur Evans’ judgment on evaluating affairs of the heart, given that he’s had so little recent experience.”

    Arthur Responded: “I asked Arthur Evans what you meant by this comment. He said you should be over that earlier rejection by now. Cryptically, he added “Try a cucumber instead.” What does it all mean?”

    Typical male.


  17. i told marc on the phone yesterday just how pissed i was at him for being persuaded to vote for CD the last time. i felt dirty doing it, but marc convinced me it was more a vote against downtown/the mayor, otherwise i would not have voted in that race.

    that aside, sure would like to know why chris didn’t just tell about his purchases back in feb and april. he has a blog, been dormant of late, but it would have been great if he disclosed all this way back when the deals in fairfield went through.

  18. Now that Chris Daly has discredited himself in the public’s eye, who will become the leader of our local progressives at City Hall?

    Rumor has it that Carole Migden is considering running next year from Daly’s district.

    Wouldn’t that be rich?

  19. Arthur,

    I’m glad you’re kidding.

    Michael P.,

    I finally gave up on posting on the Guardian. My last 3 or 4 comments were ‘lost’. Both Bruce and Tim offered to post my comments directly and that makes me think they really do have problems with their particular chat program. They mean well and other than Fog City their posters are the most rational. Would that we had a decent chat room.

    Chris came by after work yesterday and listened to the Giants (we won and Cain got his 12th) and put a dent in a 5th of Seagram’s with Luke Thomas. I’ll put a piece about it on my blast list later. It was a good time. He pedaled off to do the last half hour of Pirate Cat radio which was also good.


    There’s no back story. The guy’s termed out and making moves to insure his family’s future. I’ll put you on my list if you want. Contact me at I’ve been described as an anti-semitic racist homophobic sexist who really likes the Giants.


  20. I agree with Rob Anderson on his tangent. How about we amend the Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code to expand the definition of “doing business with the City,” as pertains to bans on political contributions, to include everything involved with securing development entitlements?

    If you contribute to campaigns, you or your employer or their contractors can’t get a development entitlement, if you or your employer or their contractors get a development entitlement, none of you can contribute to campaigns. Make it apply to mayoral and supervisorial elections and recalls, and we’ve eliminated the only real money in San Francisco politics.

    With developers as the most profitable business dependent upon entitlements granted by the City and County of San Francisco, we face the same problem the federal government is facing with Goldman Sachs, as their profits gleaned from no federal regulation are substantial enough to buy candidates who won’t regulate further.

    Arthur Evans: “You remind me of the person at the party that everybody has to explain all the jokes to!”

    So you admit that you’re a joke?


  21. my previous message was something i couldn’t post last night at the guardian site. i had trouble getting past their anti-spam filter. anyway, hoping the guardian makes it easier to comment on their site.

  22. hey tim,

    a few points. first, how about naming all who worked on this post? nice to say “By the Guardian News Staff” at the top, and then you’re listed at the bottom as the poster. i’d like to know a simply journalistic question: who wrote the piece? names please.

    second, i agree chris has radical politics and progressive ideals, with tons of passion, but it just smells so wrong that he own three properties: two in fairfield and one in the city, while he’s railed so long against landlords and folks out in the burbs.

    third, all of my progressive pals today expressed anger over chris becoming a landlord in the burbs, how much time he’s really spent/gonna spend in the district.

    the guardian can rant all it wants about the nasty messenger mr. nevius and his lousy hearst bosses, but that will do little to divert discussion in the progressive gay community about the expanding distrust of chris.

    and why didn’t chris put the word out about his family moving when they bought their fairfield properties? instead of waiting for the chron to find out about the home purchases and forcing chris to disclose?

    if there was nothing politically wrong with buying two places near his in-laws, why didn’t he just announce the purchases months ago?

    i never thought chris, ed jew, carole migden and michela alioto-pier would have so much in common.

    and let’s not get started on AIDS INC and other NGO executives who don’t live in SF yet have big say over our public dollars and services: randy shaw, mark cloutier of SF AIDS foundation, dana van gorder of project inform.

    it ain’t asking too much for SF residents, those of us who really live here, to have the most say over our government and agencies, and chris has really opened himself up for charges of rank hypocrisy.


  23. “Both the moderates and the progressives have let the city down. The former are too cozy with real estate interests, developers, and downtown corporations. The latter are too cozy with the nonprofit political complex, unions, and the cannabis capitalists.”

    Moderates and progs are very cozy with realtors and developers. That’s what Rincon Hill, the Market/Octavia Plan—rezoning more than 4,000 properties in the heart of the city—and UC’s massive housing development on the old extension property tell us. These projects have the support of SF progs: Rincon Hill (Chris Daly, Aaron Peskin), the M/O Plan (Mirkarimi), UC (Mirkarimi again). These projects are for market-rate housing, with 40-story highrises included in the M/O Plan to match Fox Plaza and 100 Van Ness. “Progressive” planning in action!

    Daly even bragged about the highrise condos on Rincon Hill as somehow a great victory for a progressive housing policy. City progs were bought off on UC’s ripoff of the extension property because some of the planned housing units are promised to LGBT seniors (which is also illegal but never mind).

  24. It’s really to bad that Chris has decided to move his wife and children to the burbs. Tell me how green that is? It seems to me that that fly’s in the face of what Chris has stood for, less urban sprawl and higher urban density. I am at a loss….I think there is more to the story than meet the eye.

    Maybe Chris’s wife Sarah could not stand the thought of sending their children to the public schools in SF. I can’t say I blame her……this is why most young families flee the city to the burbs.

    This is a classic case of Hit & Run. Impose your burdens on everyone else and then get out of town. Do as I say not as I do, at least Willie Brown still lives in the city.

    I am at a loss until I read the real story about Chris’s flight to the burbs.


  25. H asks:

    “Do you really believe that there are two characters who post here and one is named Arthur Evans and the other is named Ruth R. Snave…”

    You remind me of the person at the party that everybody has to explain all the jokes to!

  26. No,

    Actually Arthur, the subject of this thread is your insanity. Tell us all. Do you really believe that there are two characters who post here and one is named Arthur Evans and the other is named Ruth R. Snave and that the fact that the names are almost exact juxtapositions that any reasonable person would conclude that the person who claims that this is all a coincidence is clinically insane? Arthur, this is your last chance to claim satire. Let’s all laugh together. Otherwise, introduce us all to Ruth and please spare us the Anthony Perkins ‘Psycho’ dress. Please assure us in advance that …


  27. It’s all numbers,

    Daly can count that’s all.


  28. In a post above, Marc comments:

    “I’d question Arthur Evans’ judgment on evaluating affairs of the heart, given that he’s had so little recent experience.”

    I asked Arthur Evans what you meant by this comment. He said you should be over that earlier rejection by now. Cryptically, he added “Try a cucumber instead.” What does it all mean?

    Anyway, getting back to the subject of this thread –

    Both the moderates and the progressives have let the city down. The former are too cozy with real estate interests, developers, and downtown corporations. The latter are too cozy with the nonprofit political complex, unions, and the cannabis capitalists.

    Each sect becomes insufferable when it gets too much clout. When Dianne Feinstein was mayor, the moderates had too much clout. Today, the progressive have too much.

    Regardless of which sect is in power at any given time, it’s good always to remember this advice:

    Never trust a politician, a lawyer, or a member of the clergy.

  29. I’d question Arthur Evans’ judgment on evaluating affairs of the heart, given that he’s had so little recent experience.

    But the pattern here in San Francisco is the same as we see in Washington and Sacramento:

    Conservatives and moderates finally begin to lose power this decade after a sustained assault on the public sector.

    Liberals and progressives run campaigns and come to power, and the immediate response from the conservatives and moderates who created the mess which threw them out of power is that to deny personal responsibility for the consequences of their actions and policies and to project it all onto those who try to clean up their mess.

    Dianne Feinstein, Frank Jordan, Willie Brown and Gavin Newsom have governed San Francisco for 26 out of the last 30 years. At most, prior to district elections, there were three progressive minded liberals on the Board of Supervisors.

    Of course responsibility for the mess made of San Francisco by this cavalcade of Democrat Party clowns lies at the feet of San Francisco’s progressives. Yeah, yeah, you say, San Francisco’s city budget has grown over those decades while the moderates and conservatives ran the show, but eyeing at it, doesn’t it look like the bureaucracy has been under sustained attack?

    I just hope that Dennis Herrera’s investigative paparazzi don’t stalk Daly in his master bathroom to see if Chris is showering with Frank Jordan or worse, Ed Jew.


  30. Says Harold Brown:

    “I understand that Arthur Evans and Ruth R. Snave are sleeping together.”

    Well, I can tell you one thing. Nobody stays up at night wondering who Harold Brown is sleeping with.

  31. Since when did attacking parents and families become a core value of San Francisco moderates? Since when did it become ethical to innacurately assail the well-intentioned decisions of Supervisors Daly and Avalos (who I am certain have done far more for working-families in this city than any commenters)?

    The progressives being demonized in this post, to the best of my knowledge, have never publicly, maliciously and falsely attacked the decisions of individual families with young children.

  32. h makes a good point. It’s time for FCJ and bloggers to agree on a new comment policy.

    Anonymous troll attacks are hereby banned.

  33. Is censorship part of the progressive agenda?

  34. Anonymous attacks on Daly

    What do the Chronicle, Fog City Journal, the Examiner,
    SFist, the Guardian and the SF Weekly all have in common?

    They all continue to publish anonymous slander of Chris
    Daly in their publications. I say no one should publish
    anything negative if the author won’t identify themselves.

    On that note, I understand that Arthur Evans and Ruth R.
    Snave are sleeping together.


  35. Hey Jabber Jabber — as someone who is Latino and has worked closely with both parents and students alike on improving our schools and keeping kids in schools your throwing around big words like paternalism doesn’t mean a thing to me.

  36. Interesting choice for a family portrait Luke, considering you must have many.

  37. Javalos, —- Paragraph two of yours proves Richmondman’s, that is if you think schools should replace parents, which it seems you do.

    The paternalism of the left is odd, the people to blame for an individual dropping out is the parents, no matter the color of the individual and their parents. Blaming the schools is a cop out and the worst form of race based paternalism.

    Daly and the rest of the “progressive” spenders are to blame for the state of school financing, they have outspend every rising economic indicator and raise more in taxes based on every indicator than before prop 13.

    If you vote for people because they promise you all sorts of free things and they deliver crappy schools why do you keep voting for them?

  38. Actually, Richmondman I am honored and privileged to have my kid in the SFUSD. I am grateful for the hard work of teachers and administrators even if I don’t always agree with their methods and policies.

    If there is anything I object about our schools in general it’s the fiscal straight jacket that failed tax policies like Prop 13 have applied to the system. Locally, I am alarmed at how poorly our schools educate Black and Latino students many of whom drop out.

    I am committed to strengthening the interaction between the City and school district but overall I understand the City does not have direct influence over the SFUSD nor do I believe it should.

  39. According to C.W. Nevius in this morning’s Chron, Daly and his wife have bought two homes in Fairfield, not just one.

    Another oddity – Look at Daly’s statement at the top of this thread. He says he will likely continue to live in SF even after he finishes his term as supe. This statement implies that he has separated from his wife and children.

    A third oddity – What’s the big rush by Daly’s wife to move out with the kids? Why couldn’t they wait 18 months until his term ends?

    There may be more to this story than meets the eye.

    Will FCJ reporter Hope Johnson start asking questions?

  40. John Avalos must understand now, as a parent, just how bad the school district has been run under our progressive leadership (Eric Mar, Mark Sancez, Dan Kelly, tom Ammiano). He lives in the Excelsior, has one child in an Excelsior public school, and is forced to drive across town to take another child to school to Lakeshore. John, you won’t be a carpetbagger until you pack up and move out of town after you are termed out, like Chris Daly. Chris was hailed as a champion against gentrification; turns out he was the problem all along. Now he can suckle at John Burton’s money tit.

  41. Hey jtothed: I believe you ARE a stalker. My daughter is actually enrolled at an Excelsior neighborhood public school. The choices parents make on their children’s education are private ones even for public officials like myself. Perhaps if you had or sent your kids to public school you’d realize that there’s not a lot of control you have in assigning your child to a school so you end up riding the bus or driving all across town. Btw, I have a son in child care in the Excelsior as well. That’s D11 and one of the best neighborhoods in the City!

    District 6 and San Francisco has been better off with Chris Daly who is a personal hero for me.

    As for my being a carpet bagger, I prefer back packs but when I arrived to SF 20 years ago I came with card board boxes and milk crates. When I moved from the Mission to the Excelsior ten years ago I drove my own moving van and carried my own belongings up the stairs.

  42. Didn’t Daly rail against the San Francisco School District as “under apartheid”? Seemed like a big fan of Jane Kim to me.

  43. 1) Living in the same building as Mr. Daly, I can attest that his parking spot is “less occupied” these days. It would be interesting to look at the tapes of the parking garage to see just when he stopped using his parking space, and likewise, to see just how often he really does ‘come and go’ through the security doors to the building in our complex.

    2) Seeing as though many(!) of the units in Supervisor Daly’s building and entire 101 Valencia complex are part of The City’s Subsidized Housing program, it borders on shameful he is a two home owner, “kicks” his wife and kids outta the house to safer confines, doesn’t sleep with them and parenting his children, and yet claims to be living here still – really?

    3) And his membership on the San Francisco Democratic Central Committee, that too requires he live in San Francisco, now safely away from his wife and children.

  44. Marc,

    That was not a very intelligent response you made above to Webcake.

    If this is the best that Daly’s supporters can come up with, he’s in serious trouble!

  45. Just to be clear on my above comment. I don’t begrudge him moving out of SF as a father. However he is a public official and my comment is directed at his public responsibilities. He was voted in office to be a father. He was voted in office to support SF and look after her citizens.

    If his responsibilities and commitment to this city conflict with what he feels he needs to do as a father, then he needs to resign and properly take care of his family. His family should come first. But not at the expense of the city.

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  47. Clearly he doesn’t have a commitment to San Francisco. If he were committed to this city he would believe in it and support it.

    As far as excuses about him needing to move to Fairfield because of the high cost of living in SF….. Whatever…. He can clearly afford two homes, one of which is in SF.

    He doesn’t represent me, thankfully. But if he did, and given his lack of commitment to the city I would demand that he resign. His constituents would be better served by someone who is serious about supporting and developing San Francisco.

  48. I think it is sad that they think it is better for the kids to be around the grandparents than the FATHER …
    but heck, the saddest part of all is that people cannot afford to move to San Francisco to be around their grandchildren. It just isn’t possible.

  49. ttemprano, — I’m just wonder here, when say, you read the crazy reasoning of Palin and her apologists for quitting do you think Palin and her apologists are ridiculous?

    When Rush made up his Oxy Cottin stories and his ditto heads swallowed it hook line and sinker did you think they were ridiculous?

    It takes a whole lot of class to come to SF and tell people how to live their lives while also taking orders from special interests, unions, racialists and other local kooks.

    Then when the kids are old enough to feel the brunt of his policies and utopian schemes to up and leave… Like the carpet bagger he said he wasn’t?

    paulhogarth, — Daly has everything to do with the quality of schools, that budget thing the board does, you may have noticed it in the paper and word of mouth?

    Daly and the rest of the progressives spread the money around to all the various city complaint groups, then the basic services like the schools and bus system that all citizens use are a wreck. Daly is exactly to blame, not the “greedy rich” or whoever.

  50. There’s a reason why people are so upset about Chris Daly’s second house in Fairfield.

    Daly has repeatedly and self-righteously attacked residents in at-risk neighborhoods who were trying to make their environments safe, clean, and peaceful.

    I’ll give you an example.

    Some years ago, a measure came before the board of supes to outlaw urination and defecation on sidewalks and streets. It finally passed the board unanimously, including support from Daly.

    However, the crucial vote came earlier, on an amendment offered by Daly. His amendment would have made the ordinance null and void unless the city could certify that there were enough public toilets everywhere in the city to satisfy everyone’s needs.

    Daly self-righteously attacked supporters of the original measure. He accused them of being mean-spirited in dealing with the homeless.

    In response, supporters of the original measure pointed out that Daly’s amendment would make enforcement of the ordinance impossible, as a practical matter. Any one cited could immediately bring proceedings to a halt, until the question of the availability of toilets throughout the city was investigated and decided.

    Daly’s crippling amendment failed by one vote, 6 to 5. Afterwards, as noted, the original measure passed unanimously.

    This example is not the only one. Daly has repeatedly led the attack on efforts to make marginal neighborhoods safe, clean, and peaceful. He has repeatedly demonized those engaged in such an effort.

    And now, after all his posturing and pontificating, after all his finger-pointing at everyone else, he is going to end up in a thoroughly bourgeois, suburban enclave.

    Daly leaves behind the rest of us, still struggling to introduce minimal standards of civilized conduct into our degraded neighborhoods, from which we cannot escape, like him.

    There is a word for this type of behavior in politics: hypocrisy.

    It’s even more offensive when it occurs among those who claim to be the vanguard of progress.


  51. Thanks Chris for the wonderful years. I know that my extended stay in San Francisco has been made possible by you being here, and your compassionate strife to keep it that way. Thanks Sarah for letting Chris stay so long as you have.

  52. hey paulhogarth, perhaps it is you that doesn’t understand our system of government.


    To say that the mayor and/or the BOS have no influence and no culpability is ridiculous. They, along with the governor, have let this fuit fall to the ground while they appease the far left and far right of the spectrum. Everday working people are not connected to the deep pockets in politics, and therefore must suffer.

    ttemprano, the comments above show a lot more class than Daly has over the years.

    As far as D6 goes, it will change for the better as soon as those who are allowed to deficate/buy sex/deal drugs in the streets are run(priced) out of town. It hasn’t happened yet, and it will take a long time to complete.

    I’m happy his children can be near their granny, his wife can be near her mother, and that he is leaving SF. If we can replace him with someone who is not a wingnut or cowboy, but rather a pragmatic forward thinking politician who can recognize that D6 did not become what it is overnight, that it will not be fixed overnight, and that the road forward begins with laying the groundwork for a new D6.

  53. Let me start off by saying that it takes a whole lot of class to criticize a parent for making a decision based on the needs and well-being of their family. A lot of class, commenters.

    Chris has every right to want to move into a community where has children can see their grandparents each day. To say that his decision has everything to do with the quality of San Francisco schools versus the proximity of family is speculative at best and malicious at worst.

    I don’t know how many commenters actually live in D6, but I do and have for years. Chris has passionately defended the interest and rights of the people in this district and has CERTAINLY made it a better place for all to live. I am sad to hear he’s leaving the city, but, hey, at least he’s that much closer to Sacramento.

  54. jtothed writes: “Let me guess, his kid is about to enter the school system, which Chris and his ilk have done NOTHING substantial to fix in their time on the BOS.”

    Ummh, I’m not sure if you understand our basic system of government … but the Board of Supervisors has nothing to do with the quality our schools. If you think our public schools in San Francisco suck, bitch at the School Board members.

  55. Strangely my post here a month or two ago calling Daly a carpet bagger was deleted.

  56. Does Chris own his SF home? If he does, here is hoping he keeps it. Rents it out. And ends up taking a bath on his mortgage when his ridiculous “rent control” measures have him covering for his renter’s inability to pay.

  57. As expected by every native SFer, this clown will move out once he can no longer soak us for $130+k a year.

    Flippin typical. Let me guess, his kid is about to enter the school system, which Chris and his ilk have done NOTHING substantial to fix in their time on the BOS.

    To all carpetbaggers who wonder why natives are so bitter towards you, it’s because of guys like like Daly who come in to what was a great place to live and raise your family and then turn it into a free-for-all toilet.

    If the Progressives continue down their current path, they might as well just hire the Child Catcher from Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang to remove the few remaining kids.

    And as another shot across the bow to the Progs on Education, how is it someone like John Avalos say he is working hard for the District he repreasents when he passes through ten (10) seperate elementary school zones (including Monroe where his wife works)on his way to drop the little ones off at Lakeshore? The schools in the Excelsior aren’t good enough for your kids, but they’re ok for your “constituents”?

    Before I get called a stalker, I got the info on the Lakeshore/Monroe thing from his page on SFGOV website.

  58. lucky for him he makes big pay, big healthcare and big pension to buy TWO homes.

    lucky for him he can get his kids out of this shitty city and into “multigenerational support.”

    lucky for us his ass is outta here, he has no political pull with his junior associate (and shitty) supervisor, john “sellusout” avalos

    lucky for his he’s done, and he’ll be ruining fairfield soon enough, living off the gov’t cheese we pay for.

  59. Yup. Thanks for screwing up this city for the rest of us and then leaving us with the mess. Typical.

  60. Best news all week. Don’t let the door hit ya…

  61. campers,

    Chris has given us 8 1/2 amazingly productive years. I’m sure he’ll fight for us the remaining 18 months or so. I’m surprised that the major press is treating it as a non story. I guess it is if you don’t see a future for him in SF politics and by his actions he’s pretty much taking himself out of it.

    I’m more concerned about him giving up his chair of Rules. His victory there over the Mazzola Plumbers cabal was exciting stuff.


  62. “I bicycle to City Hall and to district meetings from my home and intend to continue to do so until the end of my Supervisor term and probably for longer.”

    Right. After Daly and the BOS vote to screw up San Francisco’s traffic with the Bicycle Plan, he’ll be outtahere and riding his bike in Fairfield.

  63. ed jew has not been forgotten. chris is ethical about his new home. why is the ethics commission still refusing to verify the residency of sean? bevan and michaela may be old news, but does the local press follow “orders” in residency allegations? let the debate continue.

  64. This means he has to resign?
    Isn’t there a clause that supes must live in SF?
    He’s pulling an Ed Jew by that last paragraph.

  65. I’ve always admired Chris Daly’s integrity and honesty even now in what appears to be an awkward situation.

    This is America and he has a right to raise his kids the best way he sees fit.

    I’ve always considered Daly a class act– opposite of how his detractors caricature him.

    Maybe he won’t ever be mayor, but he’ll never be a bum.

  66. How unfortunate. He can kiss his political career in this town goodbye.
    What is “best for HIS kids” is NOT raising them in San Francisco?
    The message he is sending is that people who take their parenting responsibilities seriously MOVE OUT OF SAN FRANCISCO?

  67. That’s a sweet pic of the Chris Daly family!

    Best of luck to Mrs. Daly and the children in their new home in Fairfield.

    Chris Daly’s family is lucky they have the resources to move into an environment that is civilized and safe. That is, a place were people are not constantly pushing drugs, urinating and defecating on the sidewalks, harassing passers-by, getting in fist-fights with each other, dumping garbage everywhere, leaving used needles in children’s sandboxes, and pounding on drums around the clock.

    Not all of us have the money to make such a move as Mrs. Daly and the children have made. We can’t just get up and leave, which is a wonderful luxury to have.

    So we have to fight to bring minimal standards of civilized behavior to the places we are stuck in.

    Supervisor Daly, won’t you help us in this effort?