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Chris Daly is the Political Director for SEIU Local 1021, a union of over 50,000 public sector and non-profit workers. He served on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors from 2001-2011 and owns and operates The Buck, a bar and grill on Market Street.

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    Tax the Rich for Schools and Services – Don’t Let Them Silence You!

    On November 6th, with two statewide initiatives, we will decide whether to reverse decades of tax policy that has enriched the wealthiest while starving basic public services, or we could pass a deceptive measure that will eliminate unions’ ability to fight for our priorities.

  • Wagging the Dog

    Wagging the Dog

    Think about it. Just a week after submitting his budget and fresh off of negotiating a deal on pension reform; just days after revelations that a political consultant with close ties was staging an Astroturf campaign to draft him into the race; and at the very moment legislation authorizing the biggest demolition of rent-controlled housing in San Francisco history was being transmitted to his desk, Ed Lee was at my bar looking magnanimous—bearing gifts for one of his most vocal critics.

  • Mid-Market Payroll Tax Exemption: Downtown’s Latest Land Grab

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    Mid-Market Payroll Tax Exemption:
    Downtown’s Latest Land Grab

    For decades, the stretch of Market Street between 5th Street and Van Ness Avenue has been a primary target for downtown special interests and their political allies. The slot between the Tenderloin and South of Market’s 6th Street had grown to be more alike its hardscrabble, adjoining neighborhoods than its past as a commercial destination. However, downtown’s plan to renew Market Street was always driven by their desire to line their pockets. With the needs of the neighborhoods not even a consideration, their grand plans to gentrify the area failed to take off.

  • The Progressive Local

    Since announcing our intention to purchase The Buck, I have been excited to see additional segments of our progressive community drop in. This Fall, Drinking Liberally and several other informal progressive circles have found a home at Buck Tavern, and I am committed to continuing to foster these discussions as well as many others. In addition, our public house will be committed to supporting the grassroots efforts for social and economic justice that I have been associated with in this town for nearly 2 decades.

  • Let’s Get Daly Roasting:
    A Call for Video Submissions

    I know when I’m being sold a bill of goods. I remember when they told me that my life would be easier once elected. It wasn’t. I was encouraged to always vote my conscience — that really worked out well for me. And earlier this year, I was even promised a job in the LG’s office in exchange for my endorsement. But now Gavin won’t return my calls.

  • Let the Sun Shine In

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    Let the Sun Shine In

    Every four years, there’s one political contest that dominates San Francisco’s political landscape, and for good reason. The Mayor of San Francisco is not just the most prestigious position in City Hall, it is by far the most powerful.

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    The Case for Keys

    On this point, we progressives talk a lot about empowerment– making sure that those who live through injustice are the leaders in fighting that injustice. If this empowerment is to be more than just lip service, it has to extend to our highest leadership positions. As I have fought for the low-income communities of District 6, I have been well-aware that I have done so as a straight white man from a middle-class background. While I have talked a great deal about empowerment, I have understood that talk without action is cheap. Now in the race for District 6 Supervisor, we have a person from the Tenderloin –a low-income, gay, African-American man– who has taken on some of the toughest issues in San Francisco, with a campaign aimed to fight injustice, build affordable housing, ensure that everyone has high quality health services, and to take care of our seniors and our young people. James Keys has stepped up to the plate, and I am proud to stand with him.