Gonzalez and Leigh to Host Endorsement Party,
Fundraiser for Adriel Hampton

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Published on August 25, 2009 with 7 Comments

CA-10 Congressional candidate Adriel Hampton.
Photos by Luke Thomas

By Luke Thomas

August 25, 2009

Former San Francisco Board of Supervisors President Matt Gonzalez and legal partner Whitney Leigh today announced their endorsement of CA-10 Congressional candidate Adriel Hampton in the special election race to replace Rep. Ellen Tauscher.

A fundraiser/endorsement party will be held at their offices, Wednesday at 7 pm.

“We’re enthusiastically endorsing Adriel Hampton’s candidacy for Congress,” Leigh said. “Adriel has a long history in San Francisco and a deep commitment to the issues that Progressives care about. He’s taken a principled and pragmatic stand on the important issues facing the nation, and his District, and will be a positive legislative asset in Congress and a committed representative for his constituents.”

Whitney Leigh and Matt Gonzalez

Hampton, an investigator and former San Francisco Examiner political editor, has fought to bring progressive issues to the top of the agenda in the CA-10 race – to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the US drug war, and promote open government, labor rights and equality at home.

“Matt Gonzalez and Whitney Leigh are progressive leaders not only in San Francisco, but across the nation – on issues from the living wage to important electoral reforms,” Hampton said. “I am humbled and honored to have their support in my race in the East Bay’s CA-10. I look forward to gathering tonight to celebrate and build on the common dreams we share.”

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Fundraiser for Adriel Hampton
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  1. The media are claiming that John Garamendi won the Democratic primary for the 10th Congressional district, based on early poll results.

    It should be noted that Garamendi does not live in the district. I, for one, think that’s outrageous.

    However, SF progressives will not be able to criticize him for this lack, given their lax attitude toward residency requirements for the city’s board of supervisors.

  2. Rich,

    Thanks for your post above.

    You say:

    “you and the voters did/do it to your/themselves.”

    The problem in this country is not with the voters but with its institutions, political parties, and politicians.

    You say:

    “so just get used to it”

    This is what defenders of the status quo always say.

    It’s time for some big changes.

  3. Hey Ruth, my vote for Nader in 04 and McKinney in 08 didn’t cloud your myopic view of democracy, you and the voters did/do it to your/themselves. You, they keep making up new excuses every four years, and act like lemmings and only vote for the lesser of two evils, well, gee, that’s your/their perogative! But this time the lemmings seem to want to push the country of the cliff with i themselves, and this is where third parties take it rather personally whether you like it or not, so just get used to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    rich stone

  4. In a post above, Gena D asks:

    “Ruth, you don’t believe in 3rd parties?”

    I’m on the side of the voters, not political parties or politicians.

    Political parties are basically conspiracies to hoodwink the voters. They’re all like that, whether big or little, whether on the left, middle, or right.

    I’ve never met a political party I admired. Nonetheless, political parties are here to stay, so we, the voters, have to cope with them intelligently.

    Voting for a minority candidate in such a way as to help a greater evil from a larger party get elected is not my idea of coping intelligently with parties.

    In other words, it was a dumb move by the Greens to help elect George W. Bush president.

    Lucikly, we don’t face that situation with the 10th district Congressional race. The Greens wll not be a factor in the outcome.

    But if they come out loudly for Adriel Hampton, they won’t be doing him any good. At least, not with Democratic voters who remember recent history.

  5. Ruth, you don’t believe in 3rd parties?

  6. Gonzalez’ support will guarantee the votes of Democrats – oops, I mean Greens – oops, I mean the Bull Moose party.

  7. Adriel Hampton is a good person and would make a fine member of Congress. I, for one, wish him well in this race.

    But will it help his cause to advertise the fact that Matt Gonzalez and Whitney Leigh are endorsing him?

    I dunno.

    Matt Gonzalez, as a supporter of Ralph Nader’s bid for the White House, helped elect George W. Bush president of the U.S.

    And Whitney Leigh is known for his angry personal outbursts against anyone who doesn’t agree 100% with all his political views.

    These are not the sort of traits that win over the important undecided votes in elecitons.

    Let’s hope that Adriel Hampton will fly on his own and not be dragged down by association with these two in the minds of the voters.