Mayor Lee Welcomes Mozilla to San Francisco

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Published on April 21, 2011 with 5 Comments

Mozilla logo.

From the Office of San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee.

April 21, 2011

Mayor Edwin M. Lee today announced that Mozilla, a rapidly growing non-profit open-source software developer, signed a lease for 15,000 square feet on the 7th floor of Hills Plaza located at 2 Harrison Street in San Francisco’s southern waterfront. Mozilla’s expansion will provide space for up to 125 paid staff and volunteers to gather and collaborate on developing the award-winning Firefox web browser.

“San Francisco offers Mozilla the ideal location for bringing together their global software development community to collaborate and innovate on big ideas,” said Mayor Lee. “Mozilla joins San Francisco’s robust and growing tech industry, and I am thrilled to welcome Mozilla to San Francisco.”

“Our recent office expansion into the heart of San Francisco reflects Mozilla’s to attract the very best talent to participate in the design, development, testing, and innovation that will define the future of the Web,” said Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs. “We recognize and value the entrepreneurial spirit, unique technical skills, and boundless energy found within San Francisco. We look forward to extending our world class, collaborative work environment into San Francisco.”

In addition to housing employees, Mozilla is targeting the San Francisco office as a key location for the Bay Area software and creative communities to gather and collaborate via regularly scheduled community and industry events.

Built in 1925, the Energy Star rated Hills Plaza was originally the site of the Hills Brothers Coffee factory.

About Mozilla

Mozilla is a global, nonprofit organization dedicated to making the Web better. We emphasize principle over profit, and believe that the Web is a shared public resource to be cared for, not a commodity to be sold. We work with a worldwide community to create open source products like Mozilla Firefox, and to innovate for the benefit of the individual and the betterment of the Web. The result is great products built by passionate people and better choices for everyone. For more information, visit


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  1. Luke Thomas

    According to WikiPedia:

    The Mozilla Corporation (abbreviated MoCo) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation that coordinates and integrates the development of Internet-related applications such as the Mozilla Firefox and SeaMonkey Navigator web browsers and the Mozilla Thunderbird email client by a growing global community of open-source developers, some of whom are employed by the corporation itself. The corporation also distributes and promotes these products. Unlike the non-profit Mozilla Foundation, the Mozilla Corporation is a taxable entity.

    about the Foundation:

  2. So that would make them “non-profiteers.”

  3. Luke Thomas

    Apparently (not confirmed), non-profits are not subject to payroll taxes.

  4. Does Mozilla pay city taxes?

  5. Harold Brown


    Didn’t know that Foxfire was non-profit. Good to have them in town. That building. That space. Rings a bell.

    Oh yeah!

    Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Willie use the City’s power of Eminent Domain to evict a tenant there and give it to Walter Shorenstein and then Shorenstein gave Donald Fisher a great deal to put his crap art collection there?

    Then, Shorenstein (correct me if I’m wrong here) … then, ole Walter, he raises Fisher’s rent through the roof!

    So Fisher tries to build a warehouse for the shit in the Presidio and it was so ugly that …

    Then, they both die!

    What a town. You can’t make this poop up.

    Go Giants!