SF Giants Parade Photos

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Published on November 04, 2010 with 5 Comments

November 4, 2010

Team manager Bruce Bochy lifts the Commissioner's Trophy awarded to the 2010 MLB World Champion San Francisco Giants. Photos by Stephen Deyton.

SF Giants owner Bill Neukom receives a symbolic key to the city from San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom.

Fear the Beard pitching closer Brian Wilson addresses thousands of adoring SF Giants fans following a ticker-tape parade honoring the world champion MLB team.

Double Cy-Young award winner and SF Giants pitching star Tim Lincecum plays down calls for him to be San Francisco's interim mayor in January.

Fielder and ace-batsman Aubrey Huff whips out his lucky charm, a red thong tribute to Zoolander.


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  1. The four comments before me are politically motivated. And Chris Daly is a political clown who is most unloved as a supervisor and not a Giants fan!

    OK, now — the photos here are great! To diss these guys is just unAmerican. The Giants have been waiting for this World Series win for many years. They were the underdogs and no one thought they’d beat the Padres, the Phillies, the Braves and the Rangers.

    In terms of the economy, millions were made in the restaurant industries all over. When I was coming back to work that afternoon, the lunch restaurants were packed with orange and black!

    The City got behind this win — and yes, it cost money, so what? Ann Garrison has probably never had a fun day in her life. LisaPelletier pours cold water with her cynical nonsense. Jerry Jarvis the beancounter. And Chris Daly the failed politician who wants that mayoral job — fat chance!

    Go Giants! Tell the haters where they can shove it and play ball in 2011!!

  2. This is bogus corporate identification. These aren’t hometown boys. They’re hired, and traded, guns. We’re s’posed to love them just ’cause they find this a profitable corporate headquarters, and, despite what Chris Daly reported on his FB page? F&*$ that.

    I was around the Civic Center today, getting depressed at the sight of Giants corporate logos flappin’ in the wind from a long line of poles between them. I assume the CIty paid to mount these free advertisements for a corporation that sued it out of $100,000,000 in city services.

  3. While I love that group of “characters, outcasts, and misfits” that won the World Series, I don’t forget that the corporation that is the SF Giants joined some of the world’s largest corporations to sue SF over our business tax, costing the City well over $100,000,000 in lost services for San Franciscans.~Chris Daly


  4. I have one question how many of your tax dollars went to pay for this corporate teams debut?

  5. “A pedagogy of amnesia works through celebrity culture and its counterpart in corporate-driven news, television, radio and entertainment to produce a culture of stupidity, censorship and diversionary spectacles.” ~Henry A. Giroux