Tourk Confirms Saturday Voting Dead

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Published on June 19, 2011 with 2 Comments

GroundFloor Public Affairs founder Alex Tourk. Photo by Luke Thomas.

By Luke Thomas and Chris Roberts

June 19, 2011

GroundFloor Public Affairs founder Alex Tourk confirmed today his Saturday voting initiative, WhyTuesdaySF, has failed due to a lack of funding.

The announcement follows an FCJ report, Friday, about the inactive status of the funding.

“While the Saturday voting initiative passed last November, we were unable to raise the millions necessary to implement this year’s pilot program,” Tourk wrote in an email addressed to “Friends.”

“While it is unfortunate that we will not be able to test this idea this November, I am proud of our efforts together to create a dialogue around changing an antiquated system,” Tourk added. “We have moved the needle and we’ll continue to do so in the months and years ahead.”

Tourk needed to raise $2.4 million from private donors by July 7 to fund the cost of adding Saturday, November 5, 2011 as an alternate day for voters to cast their ballots. As of Friday, the Saturday voting fund had a zero balance.

“Tomorrow an op-ed will be published in the San Francisco Chronicle and I wanted you to see it first,” Tourk said in the email.

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  1. My understanding is that in her expose Ruby writes that she has an embarrassing habit of urinating on her lovers, but was proud that she was able to control herself when she was with Gavin.

    Apparently, her “tip” on dealing with sexual incontinence was to have a glass of white wine at the ready on the nightstand so that she could “accidentally” spill the wine on the bed to distract from and excusify her peeing.

    Newsom, of course, would suck the sheets dry of spilled vino for another nip.

  2. Had some sympathy for Tourk when he was (among the many [?] friends ) cuckolded by Hairboy, but based on recent performance it seems like he may have been a tag along looser all along.
    Anyone know if Ruby is still working on her tell-all expose, or is she waiting until ‘pretty boy’ runs for a job that involves more than walking Jerry Brown’s dog.