Avalos, Onek, Mirkarimi Win Democratic Party
First Place Endorsements

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Published on August 17, 2011 with 12 Comments

The San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee convened its eagerly anticipated November election endorsements meeting held this evening at the State Building. Photos by Luke Thomas.

By Luke Thomas

August 17, 2011

Progressives will be hailing victory tonight following the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee’s (DCCC) first-place endorsements of Supervisor John Avalos, attorney and former Police Commissioner David Onek and Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi in their respective ranked-choice races for mayor, district attorney and sheriff.

City Attorney Dennis Herrera and Alameda County Prosecutor Sharmin Bock each garnered the DCCC’s second-place endorsement in their respective races for mayor and district attorney.  No other candidates were endorsed.

San Francisco DCCC endorsements are considered significant in a city dominated by registered Democratic Party voters.

Click on the following images to see how each of the DCCC members voted:

Endorsements for mayor by DCCC member. (Click on image to enlarge).

Endorsements for district attorney by DCCC member. (Click on image to enlarge).

Endorsements for sheriff by DCCC member. (Click on image to enlarge).


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First Place Endorsements
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  1. @Greg Kamin, credit and thanks to Kevin Bard for allowing FCJ to photograph the vote breakdowns.

  2. Once again the San Francisco Democrat Party is showing its commitment to destroying The City.

  3. @Hope – you da bomb baby.
    @Chris – excellent point.

  4. All those Herrera votes on the D Triple-C are making me consider Adachi.

  5. @Hope Johnson: Thanks for the insight.

  6. @Eric I love you Eric, but Eric Mar ain’t no centrist. When someone doesn’t agree on every position and every candidate, that doesn’t make them any less progressive, it makes them human. If we keep kickin’ folks off the island because they only agree with us 90% of the time, we’re gonna start finding our island pretty lonely. Just food for thought.

    Chris Jackson

  7. Pelosi brings home the pork for the city, including money for the dumb Central Subay project that all good city progressives support, except for Tom Radulovich and Jake McGoldrick.

    Recall too that in 2008 the DCCC endorsed legalizing prostitution, public power, and dumping JROTC from city schools, all rejected by city voters that year.

  8. Anyone surprised by the so-called progressive support for Herrera is not paying attention. These are Democratic party hacks who do not care that the two parties are detroying the middle class as long as they are part of the Democratic Party “family” and get a piece of whatever its leaders will throw them. None of them ever take too big a risk without also bending over to kiss the party leaders on the ass to make sure those monied leaders know everyone is still aware who is the “boss.” (Note that Leno was too scared to even move – voting no endorsement at all.) That’s what the votes for Herrea are – assurances no one will stray too far from what the current Democratic Party status quo wants. And if that’s not enough to get you thinking, stroll over to Jane Morrison’s this weekend to watch everyone bow down before Nancy Pelosi before she goes back to Congress to stand there shrugging her shoulders playing helpless at negotiating with the hard right Republicans.

  9. @greg

    Mar is still banking on the idea of a near future Ed Lee, David Chiu, Jane Kim, Eric Mar, centrist power base in City Hall after the mayor’s race.

    Hopefully, Chiu himself now sees what a scam that whole plan was, now that he is (as expected) being thrown under the bus by Brown and Pak.

    Still, Chiu might decide it’s in his best interest to just go along to get along even though he’s been screwed.

    We need to defeat Ed Lee to make sure the last nail is driven into that stupid coffin.

    And that in turn will give Mar a clear direction and path to shift left.

  10. I noticed Walker’s vote, too. Maybe Herrera promised her she could be vice-mayor.

  11. As I remember, the DCCC endorsements did not mean much in the last election.

  12. Kudos for posting this, Luke! You lack my snarkiness, but it still gets the information across. I like knowing who voted how.

    Looks like Kamala Harris has taken a hard right turn.
    Debra Walker for Herrera? wtf???
    Gascon looks like he’s really flailing.
    Why the hell is Eric Mar still defending Chiu when everybody else has pretty much kicked him to the curb?