Overheard in Fog City: Peskin to Name Goldstein Replacement on DCCC

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Published on December 20, 2011 with 4 Comments

DCCC Chair Aaron Peskin. Photos by Luke Thomas.

By Luke Thomas

Update, December 22: DCCC Chair Peskin announced today he has appointed City Attorney spokesperson Matt Dorsey to complete Goldstein’s term on the DCCC. (See below).

December 20, 2011

San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC) Chair Aaron Peskin will soon name whom he will appoint to complete the term of the late Michael Goldstein on the 32-member body.

Goldstein, a well-liked progressive, passed away December 2 following a six-month battle with lymphoma.

Michael Goldstein (RIP) with BFFs Krissy Keefer and Debra Walker.

Without mentioning the appointee by name, Peskin told FCJ, “Michael Goldstein would approve of this appointment on a number of levels.”

Asked for clues as to whom he will appoint, Peskin said, “Think about someone of his (Michael Goldstein) core supporters when he ran for the DCCC.”

Peskin added, “The appointee is well-qualified, hard working and will be well-received.”

Peskin, who is currently in Reno on business, said he will announce his appointment to the DCCC body by email within 24 hours.

Educated guesses, Foggers?

Mirkarimi has “no say” in D5 appointment

D5 Supe and Sheriff-elect Ross Mirkarimi receives applause from supporters at a festive send-off holiday party, Friday, at City Hall.

District 5 Supervisor and Sheriff-elect Ross Mirkarimi has not been contacted by the mayor’s office for his input on whom Mayor-elect Ed Lee should appoint to complete Mirkarimi’s term on the Board, Fog City Journal can confirm.

“I’ve had no say in the decision,” Mirkarimi relayed to FCJ during a festive send-off party held Friday at City Hall where several D5 appointee hopefuls including Michael O’Conner, Sheryl Davis, Christine Olague, Julian Davis, Quintin Mecke and Gabriel Haaland were in attendance.

Mirkarimi’s response stands in contrast to what he said when he was asked about the appointment when it was all but certified Mirkarimi had won election to Sheriff. At that time, Mirkarimi said he was “hopeful” Mayor Lee would contact him to discuss the matter.

No such luck.

The big question remains, who will Lee appoint to replace Mirkarimi to the D5 seat?

Whoever is appointed, the appointee better have a base in D5 as well as progressive credentials if the appointee wants to win election to the seat in his/her own right in November. D5 is the most progressive-leaning District in San Francisco and its residents don’t take kindly to political lackeys.

So far the speculative smart money is on former Mayor Willie Brown influencing Lee to appoint Brown protégé, London Breed.  Christine Olague, who co-chaired the controversial “Run, Ed, Run” campaign, may also be in consideration for the appointment.

Former City Administrator Ed Lee and former Mayor Willie Brown at Lee's swearing in ceremony as interim mayor, 1/11/11.

Update, December 22:

Fellow DCCC members:

Sadly, as I am sure you all know, on December 3rd, our colleague Michael Goldstein passed away. I was in Kathmandu, Nepal but know that when he left us he was surrounded by a loving group of his friends including some of his colleagues on the DCCC. Incredible human being. May he rest in peace. We have now lost two phenomenal folks from our ranks this year.

There will be a memorial for Michael on January 22 from 3:00 pm to 5:00 PM at 350 Rhode Island. Please come. I know Michael would appreciate it.

I have asked Matt Dorsey to fill Michael’s seat on the DCCC. Thankfully, he has agreed. I would like to think that Michael would too. Our next DCCC meeting will be on January 25 at the State Building at 7:00 pm. Issues Committee at 6:00 PM.

Best wishes for the holidays under the sad circumstances. I know Matt will do us proud.

Aaron Peskin.

Responding to the appointment, Dorsey write via Facebook: “I’m very grateful for the congratulations from everyone, and thankful to Chair Aaron Peskin for appointing me to the S.F. Democratic County Central Committee. I look forward to working hard for our party and its principles, and doing my best to emulate the tireless activism of our friend, Michael Goldstein.”

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  1. Peskin announced he has appointed Matt Dorsey.

  2. If Ed Lee is smart, he will appoint a person he can count on for votes until November. He should not count on getting any votes from the D5 Supervisor after that.

  3. My money is on Tim Durning.

  4. Luke,

    I’m told that Malcom Yeung is Lee’s choice. To confirm this you need only check voter registration records and see if the boy is a newly registered D-5 voter. Say, oh, since Lee was appointed as Interim Mayor? Yeung and Lee and Rose Pak go back years in CCDC.

    go Niners!