Environmental Organizations Fear Consequences
of Lennar’s Development Plans

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Published on May 12, 2008 with 1 Comment

Press Conference and Rally Drawing Attention to Non-Binding Text of Proposition G

May 12, 2008

WHAT: Press Conference on Proposition G’s Environmental Consequences

Environmental organizations are hosting a press conference to urge closer reading of Lennar Corporation’s Proposition G. With safeguards “anticipated” and “promised,” one of North America’s largest developers hopes to buy over 700 acres of southeast San Francisco for $1. Environmentalists are concerned about Lennar’s dubious environmental record, losses of marshland to highway construction, and plans to build an astro-turf parking lot to replace developed parkland.

“San Francisco needs to recycle Lennar’s glossy fliers and read the actual text of this initiative,” explained SF Tomorrow Director Julian Davis. “People need to know about Proposition G’s environmental consequences. This is a ploy to pave parks for profits. ”

Despite Lennar’s promises to clean up toxics at this site, environmentalists point to the text of Propsition G. Section ___ of the initiative states that “the final development plan for this Project Site may be materially different from the Project,” depending upon “certain variables, including, for example and without limitation, market changes, economic feasibility and the timing of the 49ers departure from Monster Park.”

Two of these excuses are already present in light of recent news. Last week, the 49ers announced plans to move forward with their relocation to Santa Clara. And Lennar’s stock price has declined 20 percent since the company announced a $1.9 billion loss in 2007.

WHO: Sierra Club – Former SF Chapter Chair John Rizzo, San Francisco Tomorrow – Director Julian Davis, People Organized to Win Employment Rights (POWER) – Project Manager Alicia Schwartz, BART Director Tom Radulavich, League of Conservation Voters – SF Chapter President Deep Jawa,

WHERE: City Hall Steps, Civic Center Plaza Side

WHEN: Tuesday, May 13: 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.

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of Lennar’s Development Plans
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  1. This is so depressing. Back to the real world after all the silliness about who the next Board Prez will be.

    Prop G. More trash condos and a stadium inbetween two nuclear dump sites in the poorest , most power plant poisoned, Redeveloped, police brutalized, gang injunctioned, solid waste sewage treated part of town.

    We all know what was going on in anything called the United Stations Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory, in the HP Shipyard, between 1946 and 1969, don’t we?

    Do we really have to cover it up with a stadium now that the Cold War is over? Debatable, that it’s over, I know, but we all know it should be over, shoulda been over, way back, and I’d like to think that tha radiation experiments are over.

    Why not just face up to what our D.O.D. did, at Hanford, in the HP Shipyard, at the Rocky Flats Bomb Factory, the Navajo Reservation, and wherever else our D.O.D. tested the consequences of radiation, to see how long U.S. soldiers could keep fighting a nuclear war, after exposure?