SF Democratic Party Chair Endorses Davis for D5 Supe

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Published on July 09, 2012 with 9 Comments

San Francisco Democratic Party Chair and former Board of Supervisors President Aaron Peskin. Photo by Luke Thomas.

By Luke Thomas

July 9, 2012

San Francisco Democratic Party Chair and former Board of Supervisors President Aaron Peskin today endorsed community organizer Julian Davis in the ranked choice race for District 5 Supervisor.

Peskin, known for his outspoken advocacy of tenant’s rights, environmental causes, public transit and historic preservation, said Davis is the District 5 candidate best suited to continue the progressive legacy of the Board of Supervisors.

“I’ve worked with Julian for many years,” Peskin said. “I’ve seen him in action. He has the skills, intelligence, passion, and principle to excel as Supervisor. San Francisco needs his leadership and independence in the most progressive district in the city.”

Peskin’s endorsement of Davis follows a well-attended campaign kick-off event that attracted as many as 200 Davis supporters.  Peskin’s endorsement is being viewed as a rebuke of Mayor Ed Lee-appointed Supervisor Christina Olague who has come under fire from progressive circles for her efforts to repeal ranked choice voting; to dismantle historic preservation protections; her vote in support of a luxury condo development at 8 Washington – as well as allegations that she is participating in a cover up of conversations she is alleged to have engaged in with Mayor Lee over the suspension of Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.

Olague is also the beneficiary of $46,000 raised during a recent Chinatown campaign fundraiser attended by Lee and organized by Rose Pak and former Mayor Willie Brown.

“I have always admired Aaron Peskin’s leadership and ability to unite San Francisco’s often disconnected progressive political factions,” Davis said. “I am honored to have his endorsement in this race.”

As many as 200 supporters attended Davis’ campaign kickoff event. Photo by Spencer Brown.

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  1. Love this post.Highly recommended.suhail tufail

  2. Rob,

       Julian has also been seen riding a bike.

    All-Star Game w/3 Giants starters 5pm!


  3. Davis is a solid, knee-jerk progressive, which is not a compliment. Does he dissent on a single issue from, say, the Bay Guardian? He used to dissent on allowing UC to rip off the old Extension property on lower Haight Street, but he’s been silent on even that since the 2004 election.

  4. Let’s see,

        Julian talks to Fog City.    Hope Johnson talks to Fog City.    Olague will not talk to Fog City?    It seems Christina is moving further and further into the Downtown camp as the campaign moves into the final 120 days.    That’s unwise in D-5 and you’d wonder why she’s doing it?

    Evidence would suggest it’s because she’s stooped to lying for the Mayor (denying he asked her advice on whether to suspend Mirk) and it bothers her to repeat the lie continually in public because she’s always been an upright Progressive warrior and is now a turncoat.

    She could prove me wrong.

    She could take a lie detector test with Debra Walker and prove that it’s Walker lying.

    Don’t hold your breath.

    Hope Johnson #1

    Julian Davis #2

    Christina Olague #3  (she’s still better than Rizzo)

    All-Star game 5pm


  5. @Richmondman as Ann states I wish that was true, I also wish that was true ! Where are you getting your info from? find a better source for your facts end figures, it’s very wrong.

    • Last November in the 4 biggest positions open for election, the Peskin0-led DCCC endorsed Avalos for Mayor (loser), David Onek for DA (loser), Rafael Mandleman for D8 Supervisor (loser) and Debra Walker for D8 supervisor (loser).

  6. Under Aaron’s leadership, a DCCC endorsement has now become worthless.  But D5 is more Green than Democratic, so it matters little anyway.

    • I’d love to think that’s true, but there’s no Green candidate.