San Francisco Chronicle to Continue Publishing Discredited Overseas News Mill Content

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Published on July 16, 2012 with 9 Comments


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  1. Hmm, what the cheap-as@ content mills here in the USA aren’t good enough for the SF Chronicle? Surely doesn’t make me want to pay to subscribe to that paper. Cannot imagine a progressive city like San Fran would have any residents who would be wiling to buy that shi# .So, you made your bed SF Chronicle, now lie in it. … Hate to say it, but I’m a writer and content mills are insanely unfair and pay slave wages while using contractors without respecting anyone’s business rights but their own. Screw you, Hearst. Hope there’s a lawsuit so all writers can get some justice and get their fair wages back.

  2. A total abrogation of journalistic ethics, as were once practiced. Hearst and its lickspittle managers would be perfectly happy to sell the local reader a story written by a Bangaladeshi for $1 rather than a Chronicle writer who is a paid member of the Media Workers Guild. Well, the Romney voters have to come from somewhere, I guess

  3. Great piece —

  4. C’mon guys, give the Voice of the West; aka The Mouthpiece of Moloch; a break. They have few, if any, journalists or investigative reporters left on staff. They have to find copy apart from Macy’s ads and obituaries to fill the pages of their bird cage liner.

    • Aw/ c’mon, Patrick, they’ve got C.W. Nevius, Matier’n Ross, Heather Knight, and, don’t forget, Willie Brown.

      • Thanks Ann, how could I overlook such luminaries !!

      •  Debra Saunders!

  5. Great piece about the latest black eye besmirching the Chron. I saw what was written at the Poynter site today and though it didn’t mention the SF Chron along with the Houston Chronicle and that paper’s decision to keep running the news mill content, in my gut I suspected our local Hearst rag would follow the Texas rag’s thinking.

    News mill content aside, the original crappy (pun intended) coverage getting into the Chron these days ain’t nothing to write home about.

    I blogged last week about a few problems with the Chron’s latest demonizing piece about the smelly and strung out homeless and poor folks in public spaces, this time at the BART plazas at 16th and Mission. Check this out: .Some friends and I have spoken about organizing various individuals and constituencies to stage a one-hour picket at the Chron’s HQ on 5th and Mission. If there’s any interest is this idea, lemme know. There needs to be visible opposition to a lot of what is wrong with this major daily.

  6. Great story! I did not know about the Guild’s complaints or the response to them. One update: The Tribune has suspended work with Journatic after it discovered a plagiarized story last week (see Also, Hearst told us it is reviewing content from Journatic after we revealed hundreds of stories with fake bylines on the Houston Chronicle’s Ultimate websites (see Glad to know you’re following this closely on the West Coast. Thanks, Julie Moos, Director of Poynter Online