Anti-Domestic Violence Advocates Release Mirkarimi Robo-Poll

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Published on August 23, 2012 with 12 Comments

A robo-poll of 500 San Franciscans commissioned by anti-domestic violence advocates has been released. The poll claims 61 percent of San Franciscans think suspended Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi should be removed from office.

By Luke Thomas

August 23, 2012

For anyone interested in dissecting the latest poll commissioned by a group of anti-domestic violence advocates, which claims 61 percent of San Francisco registered voters think suspended Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi should be removed from office, you can find it here.

The survey of 500 San Franciscans last week and released Wednesday, was conducted by North Carolina-based company Public Policy Polling at a cost of $2,000, paid for by philanthropist and Democratic Party donor JaMel Perkins, Roselyne “Cissie” Swig, Status of Women Commissioner Andrea Shorter, former Gavin Newsom policy director Joyce Newstat and community activist Janice Mirikitani, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Newstat, who contributed to the Chris Cunnie campaign for sheriff, also contributed to the La Casa De Las Madres anti-Mirkarimi billboard campaign.

The poll was released following an Ethic Commission decision last week which found Mirkarimi guilty on two of six counts of official misconduct.

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  1. The heavy, hard and horrible truth?

       I taught special ed for years and I watched all of these organizations like the DV ladies and  the befriend-a-young-boy mamba types.     They’re cripple shooters as we used to say and no better than guys who cruise bars trying to score with drunk chicks temporarily bereft of their reasoning for a long enough period of time to allow it.

    Is that clear enough for you?

    Put more bluntly, the DV ladies are looking for sex from abused women.

    Big Brothers are looking to score with young boys.

    Next mamba will condemn Ross and demand custody of his son?

    These are Ed Lee’s allies.

    This crap is pretty sick.

    Go Giants!


  2. I don’t think a poll like this can be properly done for $2000.  I’ve also heard they called Greg Kamin, no?  Why hasn’t he chimed in here?

  3. So here’s the permanent link to the recent Chronicle online poll that shows that 65.3% of respondents feel Ross should not lose his job:

    • I am sure the Chronicle reader poll is every bit as accurate as the Public Policy Poll – hell – I know I voted several times, like many others. 

      • are you telling me you voted more than once from the same computer in the online poll?

  4. I understand there is a group of men who batter their wives supporting Ross via back deals in City Hall. Possible kevin Shelly connection via Ed Jew.

  5. Unbiased?  Unlikely.  This poll, financed by Ross Mirkarimi’s political opponents, is less than trustworthy.   I took two years of graduate level statistics studying for my doctorate in I/O psychology.  One of the central things I learned was survey methodology.  I learned that to accurately measure the attitudes of a city, state or even a country, you need to sample at least 1100 members.  At 500, this poll falls far short of what is needed to make an inference about the population of our city.  As a result of this and the fact that this poll’s data cannot be audited or independently verified, its outcome cannot be trusted.   What cannot be trusted is less than worthless, it is misleading. 

    Here is what really matters – the power equation or the central political axis
    in San Francisco: 

    (Ron Conway) -> (Willie Brown+Rose Pak) -> (Ed Lee)

    As Ross is not a member of this axis, these powers that be and control will do everything they can to exploit this case and remove Ross from office.  What is happening to Ross is about as undemocratic as you can get.  With dirty tactics like this poll, it is now getting even more under-handed.

    David Elliott Lewis

  6. too bad the pollsters didn’t know the law…the plea was not to a domestic violence crime, no matter how many times it’s stated otherwise.

    • Indeed.

  7. i heard there was another poll that refuted this one. an online poll, i think. any info on it? i find all the labeling (“DV” and “false imprisonment” to name the 2 main ones) to be repugnant (as opposed to really looking at what happened). just another form of violence in our violent culture. the cycle continues…ironic, and sad. 

    • here’s the latest opportunity to chime in:

  8. Push Poll ! say no more say no more.