Mar Campaign Releases Statement, Requests Respect for Privacy

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Published on September 01, 2012 with 9 Comments

District 1 Supervisor Eric Mar. Photo by Luke Thomas.

September 1, 2012

The campaign to re-elect Eric Mar to the office of District 1 Supervisor released a short statement Friday to announce Mr. Mar and his wife, Sandra Chin-Mar, are “finalizing the end of their 25-year marriage.”

“Despite their separation, Eric and Sandra will share joint custody of their 12-year old daughter, Jade. Thank you for respecting the privacy of Supervisor Mar and his family during this time,” the statement added.

The statement was released to douse a whisper campaign being waged against the incumbent by a campaign opponent, a reliable source said.

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  1. Anyone who whines about how Eric doesn’t have enough money, volunteers etc and then just sits on their ass, posting on the internet conjecturing, is basically a total turd. 

    There is a mobilization that is happening this Saturday, 10am at his office on Geary and 22nd.  I’m going to go.  I think a lot of other people are going to go.  All of you can come this Saturday and then come the next Saturday too.

    If it bothers you that the realtors and fatcats are bankrolling David Lee, well then go give Eric some money: re-election is super critical, and it seems like a lot of people are passively complaining that his campaign hasn’t picked up a bunch of steam.  Sitting on an armchair, pointing your finger may be a comfortable spot to be in right now, but if people don’t go down to his office soon, the city will be a lot more fucked than the direction it is right now.  Weaken rent control.  Condo Conversions galore.  Unchecked development over the environment.  Eric can and will win, but he can’t do it with alone, with a couple staff people.  I’m excited about this Saturday, because I think it is going to be the start of a scrappy battle that will involve an awesome coalition of labor and community against a ton of money from big business, realtors and special interests. 

    • Well said Nate!

      Many D1 voters are receiving poll calls which include some allegations against Eric Mar that could be considered libelous; and for anyone who actually knows and works with Eric, we know the kind of person that he is and that these statements are gross exaggerations or flat out lies. It’s disgusting and underhanded that anyone would need to start a whisper campaign that attacks a person’s family. It has nothing to do with real issues affecting our District.  

      Eric shows up and does the work. David Lee has refused to engage with a single member of the Richmond District Democratic Club whatsoever and even opted out of our endorsement meeting because he believes that we are biased in Eric Mar’s favor because Eric regularly engages with RDDC as a valued community organization. We even him the opportunity to prove us wrong and he still refused. When SF Young Dems decided to hold a D1 debate so that they could make their endorsements, they asked us to co-sponsor solely as their host. SFYD made it clear that RDDC had already done our endorsements and again, the Lee campaign refused to cooperate. Coffee talks with voters are a noble gesture, but it’s the work that you do after Election Day that defines a good supervisor. If you are a Democrat running for District Supervisor and you’re unwilling to work with the neighborhood’s only chartered Democratic club, which is made up of neighborhood leaders and community organizers, what does that say about you? It is indicative of what’s at stake in this race: an incumbent Supervisor whose heart is truly with the community or a challenger who consistently opts for taking the low road and grandstanding.

  2.  David Lee has more money, better organized and a better presence in the Richmond district. Mar needs to get his act together or he has lost the race.

  3. Mar does show up for all of the ribbon cuttings on Park and Rec projects in the Richmond, which ironically were more a result of David Lee’s work than his.  Earlier this year I testified before a Supervisor Committee of Avalos, Mar and Elsbernd on closing Sharp Park Golf course.   Avalos arranged for all of the anti-golf speakers to go first (he was the chairman; it was his prerogative).  However, when the pro-golf speakers were allowed to speak, Eric Mar got up and left the room.  Engaged?  Hardly.

  4. Hey,

       Interesting piece by Joshua Sabatini in today’s Examiner on the race.     David Lee has spent the last 7 years on Park and Wreck (tks Herb) limiting access to SF residents (see the golf courses which prefer higher paying outta town visitors on to the now fenced in Arboretum) … Lee has been a Rose Pak controlled stooge of the Chinese government for years.     Mar on the other hand has been an engaged and independent parent who opened SFUSD to parents as their voice on that body and has done the same for his district for the last 4 years.

    Stooge … David Lee

    Parent … Eric Mar

    Easy choice.

    Giants win yesterday (8-7 in 10th) a gem!


  5. what was the whisper campaign, i’m wondering. so what if a couple is getting divorced? it happens all the time. what is this country coming to? or maybe i should say, what is it with some people?

  6. More good vibes to Eric, Sandra, Jade and their family. Stay strong y’all, love comes in many forms and strange disguises. Life moves on, but I must admit this old boho sometimes wishes for a little less change and impermanence.

  7. Disgusting that an opponent would start a “whisper campaign” about this.

  8. Soooo,

       Timing’s odd.    After 25 years you’d think they’d have waited another few months until after the election.    Which raises the question, how/will this affect Eric’s vote on the Mirkarimi matter?   Perhaps he’ll empathize a bit more with Ross and choose to give him a second chance.

    Either way, sending good vibes to the Mar family from this old hippie.