Video: Third Party Candidates Break the Sound Barrier As Obama-Romney Spar

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Published on October 04, 2012 with 5 Comments


Editor’s Note: One has to question the legitimacy of American democracy and a presidential debate that excludes third-party candidates. Kudos to Democracy Now! for including the voices of Green Party candidate Jill Stein and Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson in its coverage of last night’s debate.

October 4, 2012

As President Obama and Mitt Romney squared off for the first time on Wednesday night, Democracy Now! broke the sound barrier by pausing Obama and Romney’s answers to get real-time responses from candidates Jill Stein of the Green Party and Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party.

Stein and Anderson joined Democracy Now! for a live special just miles away from the Obama-Romney contest at the University of Denver. Many Obama supporters have expressed surprise that Romney was able to put the president on the defensive, while Obama failed to mention several of Romney’s potential weak spots, including including his record at the private equity firm Bain Capital, his vast personal wealth and offshore investments, and his recent remark that 47 percent of Americans are government dependents. Today, highlights from our “Expanding the Debate” special with the voices of all four candidates, showcasing the broadened perspectives on the critical issues beyond the Democratic-Republican political spectrum.


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  1. Also, check out the image I’m attaching to see how shamelessly the Democrats rushed to exploit Big Bird.  One picture says more than I could in 1000 words.

  2. Kudos to FCJ for posting this.  

    I just got a letter from a resident of Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean, about the U.S. bases there, the native people they’ve displaced, and the zero recourse they have to protest this in the international community.  This was in response to a question I sent to a list of African Greens as to how they feel about the first African American president.

  3.  How about Gary Johnson?

    • Invited but declined to participate.  Would have been nice to see somebody taking an even more extreme position than Romney and Obama on cuts to government programs and taxes.  I hope Johnson participates in future DN debates, but on foreign policy and social issues I expect he’ll be very close to the Green Party position.

  4. Luke “The Missing Link” Thomas.
    Excellent post, thanks matey.
    “You can tell a politician is lying when his lips are moving”. I have little faith in either Obama or Romney, but Obama better man up or we could be burdened with the consumate liar.
    The whole world’s watching – interesting observation from the outside world.
    NO ON 32
    YES ON 37
    Bay Bridge World Series
    Market Street Super Bowl Parade.
    Now that’s what I’m talking about.