D5 Candidates Johnson and Resignato Join Forces on “The People’s Ticket”

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Published on October 19, 2012 with 18 Comments

Candidates for District 5 Supervisor, Hope Johnson and Andrew Resignato, have joined forces on “The People’s Ticket” in the ranked choice race that will be decided by voters on November 6. Photo by Clayton Mitchell.

From the campaigns to elect Hope Johnson and Andrew Resignato to District 5 Supervisor

October 19, 2012

District 5 supervisorial candidates Hope Johnson and Andrew “Ellard” Resignato announced today that they have joined forces in the highly contentious District 5 race. They will officially launch what they are calling The People’s Ticket on Wednesday, October 24, at Madrone Art Bar (500 Divisadero) in District 5.

Driven to take action after four of the eight D5 candidates were excluded from participating in the USF and SF Human Services Network Candidate Forum earlier this week, the pair confirmed that the forum’s hosts believed it was best for the residents of the district to only hear from the four candidates who had the most money in their campaign coffers.

“This trend of recognizing only candidates backed by big money mirrors the national trend of candidates being shut out by mainstream political parties like the Green Party’s Jill Stein who was arrested on Tuesday for trying to attend the second Presidential debate,” said Resignato. “People are tired of money driving politics. Hope and I are running people powered campaigns that represent a direct threat to San Francisco’s status quo of politics as-usual,” he continued.

Johnson and Resignato are launching The People’s Ticket to give voters a better choice than the big- money downtown and progressive machine candidates who are constantly at odds with each other. They are asking D5 constituents to vote for them in either the first and second or first and third positions, in any order, on November 6’s ranked choice ballot.

“We’re lucky to be running in District 5 where voters are more sophisticated than simply voting for candidates with tired campaigns run by well-paid political consultants and well connected career politicians,” commented Johnson. “We need more accountability in government and it’s difficult for that to happen when our elected officials are beholden to the special interests that support their campaigns and expect preferential treatment in return.

This is what Andrew and I offer to our neighbors in District 5 – a commitment to serving our community, not big money.”

Johnson’s work promoting the enforcement of ethics and her strong message around demanding accountability to combat corruption in City government complement Resignato’s 20 years of experience in the public health sector and his strong stance on improving public safety and Muni by delivering policy changes that reflect the collective voice of the people.

The People’s Ticket will celebrate its official launch on Wednesday, October 24, 5 – 9 PM, at Madrone Art Bar, 500 Divisadero.