Olague, Rizzo Endorse Eachother in D5 Ranked Choice Race

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Published on November 01, 2012 with 14 Comments

Christina Olague (3rd from left) and John Rizzo (far right) today announced they have co-endorsed each other in the ranked choice race for District 5 Supervisor. File photo by Luke Thomas.

From the campaigns to elect Christina Olague and John Rizzo to District 5 Supervisor

November 1, 2012

Supervisor candidates Christina Olague and John Rizzo announced today that they are placing their support behind one another in the competitive race to be the next District 5 supervisor. Both candidates agreed it is important that District 5 continue to be represented by a progressive policy maker, and that this election provides an opportunity for building progressive unity.

“Although we disagree on some issues, Christina and I share many of the concerns that are important to District 5 voters, such as improving access to quality public education and keeping housing affordable,” said Rizzo.

“I’ve worked alongside John Rizzo for the past decade,” said Olague. “We’re the only two candidates that have experience crafting real policy, and that policy has been informed by progressive values.”

San Francisco’s ranked choice voting system enables voters to cast up to three votes, ranked in order of preference. Rizzo and Olague are recommending to their supporters that they use the RCV system to rank the other candidate as their second choice in District 5.

“Ranked choice voting is cherished cornerstone of current San Francisco supervisoral elections because it empowers voters,” said Olague. “By selecting John Rizzo and me as their respective number two votes, our supporters are eschewing any cult of personality and emphasizing the importance of having a District 5 Supervisor who has a proven, progressive record of making public policy decisions based on the needs of neighborhoods and not big businesses.”

Christina Olague currently represents District 5 on the Board of Supervisors. She is the former President of the Planning Commission, and has been advocating for tenants’ and senior rights for the past twenty years.


John Rizzo is president of the Community College Board, elected in 2006 and 2010, and is an environmental leader in the Sierra Club.


District 5 includes the Hayes Valley, Fillmore, Western Addition, Japantown, Cathedral Hill, Upper and Lower Height, Cole Valley and Inner Sunset neighborhoods


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  1. Johnson’s best by far,

        Other candidates can’t hold a candle to Hope’s integrity and brains so they’ve banded with the pin heads at the Guardian to marginalize her.     You have Rizzo who has used his Sierra Club association to sell out the environment over and over.    Olague, who wants RCV on the ballot to give the people a choice as to whether to kill it (would she do the same with Rent Control? – probably).    Selby, who was vetted by Downtown with an appointment to the Bond Oversight Committee whose job it is to rubber-stamp cost overruns in City-let contracts (she passed as did London Breed before her on the same body) … they’re all sell-outs except for Hope Johnson.

        Julian Davis charged into one of my Bulldog salons a couple of years back and threatened to kick my butt for saying that his boss, Mark Leno had invented ‘Off-Site Inclusionary Housing’ to keep people of color out of the population in gentrified Downtown developments.   I was right, Mark did that.     He was further enraged that I wrote that his boss, Leno had worked at the State level to hand Candle Stick Point State Park to Lennar.    I was right and he threatened to attack me, a senior citizen for writing the truth.    Only Marc Salomon saved me that day.  

    London Breed’s one of Willie’s cows, paid to positions designed simply to give her a public exposure where she can promote herself.     There’s a whole herd of those ladies grazing in public pastures around the City.

    On the upside, it really doesn’t matter.

    The Board is irreversibly Moderate and will be for the next decade at least.

    While it would be nice to have a voice like Hope Johnson’s on the body, she and Avalos would be the only truly independent Prog representatives.

    All of the rest of em are looking to deal for those that brung um to da dance.


    I’m taking a slow train to Fresno 2 days after the election to sit my 175 lb. ‘granddog’ and work out in a pool and soak in a hot tub for 17 days.   I got to see 3 games of the Giants playoff run including the last 2 against St. Louis and I’m in heaven still.

    Being old and out of the loop financially and hated by virtually the entire political establishment for telling the truth about them has it’s benefits.

    People come to me for the truth cause my vision is clouded only by booze and pot, never by money or pussy, which is a damned shame in the latter case.

    Go Niners and here’s a song to describe the D-5 race …

    Play it as loud as you’re able ….


    Go Niners!


  2. Glad I waited to vote , I would of supported Rizzo as one of my choices, this endless horsetrading and out, is pychotic and really has let us voters know how much this is not about us and public policy. Just a moment ago , the spin doctors were stating one of Olague evils was she was against rcv, and its funny how 8 Washington, and placing a ,although charming, republican to vote on land use, is a simple sidenote, if you and yours can secure a win, how is this move not about cult of personaly, croonys, and simple power brokering for the conservative progressive machine.

  3. I’m glad they did this.  The 2011 mayor’s race was discouraging when none of the many candidates who favored public banking and public power endorsed one another as ranked choice votes.

  4. So now Christina supports Ranked Choice Voting?   Which is it,mmma Nay on RCV or Yay on RCV?

  5. Well, there goes John throwing in the towel. I wonder what Christina offered him? Don’t D5 voters want someone who doesn’t give up that easily? Thea Selby all the way. She’s not in it to rearrange the chairs. She’s in it to represent the people and get things done–for the people, not Ed Lee, Rose Pak and Willie Brown.

  6. I say we put all their names in a hat and pick. I wrote a FASCINATING post at Uptown Almanac about the D5 mishmosh yesterday…but it might be kinda whorey of me to promote another blog at this blog…so, I hope Luke forgives me. 

    • Forgiven in advance.

    • I do it all the time.  Luke never even busts me for leaving links.  It’s just easier, if you’ve already said what you have to say.

    • Well, ok then! Here it is:
      Cursing, Fondling, & Voting for Wife Beaters: The District 5 Clown Car http://uptownalmanac.com/2012/10/sad-state-san-francisco-politics 

      •  An enjoyable read.  Thanks for posting.  Not sure if Thea has “great hair” though. 🙂

        •  She does.

  7. how funny. I’m so glad I didn’t do early voting. I would have put one of them in 2nd place after Julian Davis, not now.
    Julian Davis is the only real, progressive running in D5.

  8. Well then, that eliminates John Rizzo from my ballot now, too… Okay… Thanks guys for making it easier! 

  9. they’re both useless