SF Election Update: D7 too Close to Call

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Published on November 07, 2012 with 5 Comments

Francis Xavier Crowley, who is endorsed by U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, is leading the field in the ranked choice race for District 7 Supervisor. Photo via Facebook.

By Luke Thomas

November 7, 2012

With over 93,000 citywide ballots yet to be processed and counted, the District 7 race for Supervisor is looking more and more like a nail biter between the race current leader, Francis Crowley, and Norman Yee.

After 6 rounds of Ranked Choice Voting iterations, Crowley (9062 votes) leads Yee (8724 votes) by 338 votes.

If current trending continues, with more votes transferring from Supervisor Sean Elsbernd-endorsed candidate, Michael Garcia, to Crowley than to Yee, Crowley will likely be crowned District 7 Supervisor.

Norman Yee.

The Department of Elections said of the 93,000 uncounted citywide ballots, 49,000 ballots are from polling stations, 20,000 are vote by mail ballots and 24,000 are provisional ballots.  District 7 is one of 6 odd-numbered districts where residents voted for a district supervisor on the eleven-member Board of Supervisors.

Updates will be made available at 4 pm each day until all the ballots have been processed and counted, the Department of Elections said.

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  1. Another batch of ballots like today’s, and Yee should pull into the lead. The absentees tend to be most conservative, followed by precinct voters, and the provisionals are the most progressive. It’s tough to say which way which ballots will go, however. I’m assuming the more progressive, the more pro-Yee. But Yee is also pulling support from moderate Asians, and Crowley has a lot of labor support. If Yee can put another percentage point between him and Crowley on the first choice ballots, he’ll win.

    Either way, it’s nice that Garcia, Elsbernd’s candidate, lost.

  2. Norman Yee has pulled ahead of Crowley by almost 3%.  Garcia is in 3rd place.

    • Just spoke with Department of Elections.  They said Crowley’s still ahead on RCV even though the summary (first place votes) shows Yee ahead.  An update to both the summary and RCV tabulation is expected around 4pm today.

      • Yeah, you’re right.  I called too, and asked them: If that’s what the summary, preceding the “detailed RCV results,” actually is, why the hell doesn’t it say so?  How can they expect the general public to understand RCV if they can’t even represent it sensibly?

        • Whew.  I just saw the new results. Yee has climbed to within 97 votes of Crowley.