Senate Shoots Down GMO Labeling Bill on Eve of March Against Monsanto

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Published on May 25, 2013 with 3 Comments

Documentary: The World According to Monsanto.
Via RT.Com

May 25, 2013

As 200,000 people prepare to march against Monsanto today (Saturday), the Senate has overwhelmingly rejected a bill that would allow states to decide if genetically modified food products should be labeled.

The amendment shot down by the Senate would have allowed states to make their own decisions on whether or not GMO foods should be labeled – without mandating any action. Supporters originally believed that this measure was non-controversial, and simply gave states an option. But the Senate voted 71 to 27 against it on Thursday, days before Saturday’s March Against Monsanto.

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  1. Every day GMO foods that we eat daily,are wheat, corn, soy and most seeds. Dairy products are milk cheese ice cream etc. the list goes on.
    The question you may ask your self why is it that most European countries have banned the use of GMO products, yet Northern America will not.

  2. GMO = Frankenstein

  3. At yesterday’s Sacramento March on Monsanto, Green Party candidate for California Secretary of State David Curtis said he would cancel Monsanto’s state business license: