Japanese Water Powered Car

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Published on June 25, 2008 with 4 Comments

June 25, 2008

Tired of paying $5 a gallon for gas? Check out this little gem of an invention. The Reuters reporter doesn’t tell us how much the technology costs, or if the energy generator uses electrical power to extract hydrogen, but the technology sure sounds promising.


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  1. There are a few problems that the engineers have not worked out in designing this water-powered car, the main one being IT’S STILL A CAR, DAMNIT!

    It still has all the environmental problems the ICE has related to mining ores, energy expended on manufacture, and ultimate disposal.

    And cars, even ones running on water, are still the primary culprit in sprawl and the resulting habitat destruction.

    Check out:
    The road to nowhere
    Alternative fuels like hydrogen may be a boon for the auto industry, but don’t expect them to save the planet

  2. At 48 mph top speed would make for a great get errand car.

  3. I meant “hair”…damn.

  4. At yesterday’s Board meeting, there was a public commenter (white guy with dark hear and a ponytail) who was talking about turning water into energy and said that there is a Japanese company in the US that is already doing it. He was saying something about space exploration, too – and appeared to be a total kook.

    Imgine my surprise at today’s revelation here at FCJ!! Hilarious!