Donny Trump: The Rosemary’s Baby of the Republican Party

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Published on March 21, 2016 with 3 Comments

GOP Presidential front-runner, Donald Trump. Photo via YouTube.

GOP Presidential front-runner, Donald Trump. Photo via YouTube.

By Jill Chapin

March 21, 2016

Listen up, all you uber-conservative mamas and papas in Congress – you spawned this child, now you better take care of him.  Raise him as best you can, even though he has been learning by your example how to be more divisive and outrageous than you ever were.  Try to tame his tendency to demean, ridicule, threaten to sue, and use inflammatory rhetoric that riles up an already frothing electorate.

Little Donny has been paying close attention to your antics on the Hill, and has discovered how easily it is to exploit your holier-than-thou attitude and unwillingness to cooperate.  With your approval rating hovering around 10%, while Barack Obama’s is at 50%, have you not wondered why he denounces your failings even more than he does the President’s?

Heck, one of his fellow candidates, Ted Cruz, should win an award for being the most inflexible member of Congress. Remember how he shut down the government a few years ago with that nonsensical sequester, which did nothing but add to the deficit, cause a lot of unnecessary inconvenience, and prevent me from taking my granddaughters to tour the White House?

But the piece de resistance was your party’s none-too-secret plan (because you admitted this on TV) of your number one goal in preventing President Obama from winning a second term by nixing everything and anything he proposed, even if you once championed it yourself.  This vow was uttered even before his first inauguration.  You were able to at least convince your followers that our president was the most divisive ever when in fact, it was your plan to make him appear so.  The irony of ironies is that your plan backfired and now your formerly loyal backers blame you for the gridlock that consumes Washington.

So that you don’t beget another child of his temper, you might ask yourselves what you have done to deserve such an ungrateful protégé to betray you and expose you to your former supporters.

Well, take your latest example that makes two thirds of Americans of all political persuasions see your intractable side rearing its ugly head yet again.  The President nominated a moderate candidate for Supreme Court justice, and in a combined snit and hissy fit, you declared that you won’t even extend the courtesy of meeting with him, even though you had approved him in the past.  The hypocrisy and your galling sense of phony self-righteousness to which you ascribe is moving a large swath of your former supporters to glom onto this guy who is just like you only worse, in different ways.

But have you noticed that he leaves the holy roller chatter to you guys, barely mentioning his relationship with a higher power, because frankly, whatever he believes is his own business as long as he doesn’t consult the Bible instead of the constitution, which far too many of you allegedly loyal Americans have vowed to do.  That scares a huge number of us who either don’t follow the bible’s teachings or do not take its words literally.

What is happening to you and your party is a self-inflicted wound that was inevitable, given your downward spiral toward greater intolerance, greed, pride, your voter suppression tendencies and your somewhat perverted need to control the intimate parts of the lives of law-abiding citizens.

I’m sorry to break this to you, but little Donny Trump is growing up and spreading his wings – and his venom.  It is now infecting you, leaving him with disabled parents or possibly even leaving him orphaned, destined to find another party to love him, should he win the nomination fairly only to have it taken away from him. Sadly, you are in a lose-lose situation and you have no one to blame but yourselves.

Saner minds for the past several years have been trying to knock some sense into you but to no avail.  So if you continue to use the bible as your main source of knowledge, go read the passage about reaping what you sow.

Jill Chapin

Jill Chapin has been a guest writer and columnist in several Los Angeles area papers for over fifteen years. She has written a bilingual parenting book titled, "If You Have Kids, Then Be a Parent!" and a children's book entitled, "My Magic Bubble."

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  1. Hillary Clinton is scarier than Donald Trump. She wants to bomb. Trump’s no pacificst, but he doesn’t even want to “stop the next Rwanda,” which has been the totally bogus excuse for two of “our” most recently lethal aerial bombing campaigns, in Libya and Syria.

    Hillary says she won’t support the TPP because Bernie says he won’t, but gimme a break. Her husband was responsible for NAFTA. Trump opposes all the trade agreements that devastated American workers.

    The fact that I refuse to be terrified into voting for Hillary doesn’t mean I’ll vote for Trump I endorse the new hashtag #BernieorGreen2016 and let the dust fall where it will. Both conventions are going to be zoos and at least a quarter of Bernie’s Dem voters are likely to escape. I doubt that elite Republican donors and politicians like Jeb Bush and family, who are now defecting to Hillary, will be able to take Trump’s angry constituency with them.

  2. I always vote GOP but Trump worries me. Even so, he worries me less than Sanders.

    Isn’t the real problem the polarization of US politics? The silent majority of Americans may never have supported Nixon, despite his claim to that constituency, but they are surely moderate centrists, and not extremists of either hue.

    If the GOP cannot come up with a better nominee than Trump or Cruz, then I will have to hold my nose and vote for Clinton. She could probably pass for a moderate Republican in another time anyway.

    Who speaks for the moderate center?

  3. Ms. Chapin, a great analysis of the beginnings of Trumpism. I have posted it on my Facebook page.