Say it ain’t so, Alabama

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Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. Illustration via Politico.


By Jill Chapin

November 14, 2017

As an out-of-state bystander to the current political narrative in your state of Alabama, it would be helpful if someone could explain the feelings of your state’s citizens in regard to your Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate.

From my point of view – out here in California (although I’ve also lived for  decades in Missouri, Illinois and Iowa) – I’m not sure the rest of the country understands how you stand with regard to the accusations against Roy Moore.

I’ve seen reports that republicans in Washington would either want him to disqualify himself now or at least keep that option open if more irrefutable corroboration from his accusers is revealed.

But terribly confounding to me are comments by Alabamians in the clergy – and government – who insist Moore should stay on the ballot even if it is absolutely apparent that he did indeed engage in sexual activities with minors.

So here’s what I’m having trouble understanding:  Do these voices speak for the general population of your state, or are these just the loudest voices speaking out?

I really do want to know if you voters are okay with a (possible? likely?) sexual predator (who wanted the Ten Commandments on government property) to become such a hypocritical representation for your state if he should win the upcoming election.

I realize that I will find out when the voting results are in, but it’s so distressing to hear cavalier talk of acceptance for such deviant, hurtful behavior, that I can barely wait until then.

I’m hoping that you are a part of the tremendous silent majority who is as outraged and disgusted about this man as I and other parents and grandparents around the country, not only by the current accusations but by so many mean-spirited things he espouses.

We are already stunned that his being removed from your Supreme Court twice did not disqualify him in the minds of enough Alabamians to keep him off the ballot.

And questioning President Obama’s citizenship, or falsely insisting that Islamic law is being enforced in liberal cities, seem to be perfect examples of how just saying so does not make it so.

But the most horrific and heartbreaking statement he ever made, was casting blame on Newtown’s community for the Sandy Hook School massacre – because they weren’t following God’s law.  This alone would cause outsiders to want to know what Alabamians are going to do with this supremely outrageous and colossally hurtful rhetoric, when they soon go into the voting booths to determine who they want to represent them in Washington.

More importantly, it will determine the values you want to pass on to your children. I hope it isn’t what someone said about Moore’s primary win being an example of rewarding invective over ideas.

Please, Alabama, say it ain’t so.

Jill Chapin

Jill Chapin has been a guest writer and columnist in several Los Angeles area papers for over fifteen years. She has written a bilingual parenting book titled, "If You Have Kids, Then Be a Parent!" and a children's book entitled, "My Magic Bubble."

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