Newsom Opposed to Clean Energy Act

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Published on July 20, 2008 with 4 Comments

Mayor Gavin Newsom, file photo.
Photos by Luke Thomas

By Luke Thomas

July 20, 2008

Gubernatorial hopeful Gavin Newsom today stated his opposition to the San Francisco Clean Energy Act defying all expectations that he will run for Governor consisting of a renewable energy platform.

“Oh, it’s horrible,” Newsom told BeyondChron’s Paul Hogarth at the Netroots Nation confab held in Austin, Texas, referring to a November ballot initiative that seeks to advance San Francisco to a 100 percent renewable clean energy portfolio by 2040.

While not elaborating on why he will not support the Clean Energy Act, former Newsom campaign manager Eric Jaye, who maintains close ties with Newsom, is said to be working for PG&E on its campaign to oppose any perceived threat to its monopoly.

Referring to a recent PG&E citywide campaign mailer distributed to registered voters, former Newsom campaign strategist Bob Brigham said of Jaye: He “is already blanketing the city with lies about the idea of San Francisco kicking the [PG&E] habit.”

PG&E consultant Eric Jaye

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  1. Newsom is controlled by the uber-wealthy San Franciscans, the Chamber of Commerce and the Committee on Jobs. These are the people who put him into office and the people who call the shots. They have literally invested millions in this puppet and have now set their sights on the Governor’s Office. They are also the same people who provide a living for Eric Jaye. The connec tion is so obvious, but there is no will in SF to see it. The citizens of SF who vote seem happy with this situation and eagerly vote for the candidates backed by the Karl Rove of CA — Eric Jaye. You get what you vote for.

  2. I would like to hear the specifics of Newsom’s objections to the Clean Energy Act. Does he think it’s unrealistic? Or is he just shilling for PG&E?

    And where does he stand on Al Gore’s recent call for the nation to rally behind getting off fossil fuels within ten years? Is he going to get behind that with by promoting specific policy measures that could help do that — such as amending local interpretation of the LOS (level of service) and CEQA so that new bicycle lanes can be striped without having to do environmental impact reports for each time?

  3. I think Obama is going to make a FABULOUS president….

  4. Eric Jaye is the Karl Rove of San Francisco.