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  • No Surrender: Occupy DC Protesters
    Return to McPherson Square

    Authorities cleared out what had been a sea of tents and blue tarps located just a few blocks from the White House. A muddy vacant lot was about all that remained in most sections of the square as protesters mingled on the sidewalks with gawkers and news reporters.

    Occupiers spent part of the day scouting for emergency shelter to accommodate those evicted from the public park. McPherson Square had served as a gathering spot for protesters from around the country, many of whom already had been chased away from protest camps in their hometowns.

  • Park Police Raid OccupyDC, Dismantle Tents of Dreams

    Park Police Raid OccupyDC, Dismantle Tents of Dreams

    Section by section, park police spent the day removing camping gear and shelters that showed evidence of overnight sleeping. A large blue tarp that had been draped over the pedestal of the General James McPherson statue at the center of the park was removed as police in riot gear formed a protective circle.

  • Occupy DC: A Warm Place for Protest
    in the Heart of Wintertime Washington

    Except for a single taser incident, protesters interviewed Friday by Fog City Journal couldn’t recall any clashes with the authorities. One Dallas protester brought some Texas twang to the scene, located in McPherson Square, a park a few blocks from the White House. Volunteers run a small library. On Friday there was a free dinner of donated stew and raspberry cheesecake. A couple of denizens smoked dope in a pipe fashioned from a whole red apple.