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    Wiener’s Preservation of Developer Profits Disrespects Neighbors and Neighborhoods

    When Supervisor Scott Weiner claims that HP inhibits the production of affordable housing, Weiner is carrying water for the $66,000 minimum that was spent by speculative real estate interests to elect him. It is not the one unit of affordable housing that concerns these operators, rather the eight units of luxury condominiums that generate the profit that catches their attention.

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    Ranked Choice Voting in D6: A Reality Check

    The main goal of progressives and liberals in District 6 this November is to minimize the number of exhausted ballots by shrewdly ranking our choices with these considerations foremost in our minds.

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    Auto Trips Generated:
    The Standard that Ate the Bicycle Network

    Under ATG, each auto trip would be considered an environmental impact and would be mitigated by a predetermined impact fee. A bike lane project would have zero ATG impact, while a luxury condo building with one-to-one parking would generate some positive number of auto trips based on parking spaces and any other applicable considerations. The calculated impact fees would go to the MTA. As of mid 2010, the ATG standard has yet to be completed. The development of a minimally complicated standard has taken longer than it took to do real rocket science, to conceive and execute the Apollo project in the 1960s.

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    Adachi’s Pension Deception:
    Billionaire Speculators Pricing Kids
    out of Health Care

    The common wisdom in conservative economic circles as trumpeted by FoxNEWS these days in serious, stentorian tones, is that the economy is broke rather than broken, and that we are saddled with massive unfunded pension and health care liabilities, which are deemed unaffordable and unsustainable. The solution, according to those whose economic ideology got us into this mess, is to cut wages, pensions and health care, and to welcome these austerity measures and our new status as serfs as inevitable. The unacceptable alternative to austerity for them would be that those responsible for the economic mess be wiped out in a wave of bankruptcies, which would mean them. To avoid this, they will spend lavishly to convince us that we are to blame for their errors and convince us to transfer the meager resources of hundreds of millions of us into their coffers to make them not just whole, but to further enrich them.

  • Infra-Destructure: San Francisco
    Breaks the Bank for Developers

    After 30 years of Reaganist tax cuts and assaults on the public sector, there is no dispute that public infrastructure has been allowed to deteriorate due to lack of maintenance and investment. From interstate highway bridge collapses to crumbling prisons and deteriorating or non-existent public transit systems, the boomer generation took the gifts bestowed upon them by their industrious parents (who defeated Hitler in 4 ½ years), returned home to pay a 70 percent marginal income tax rate, and then squandered the gains in a bonfire of narcissism and selfishness.

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    Not “The Great Transit Oriented Development Swindle?”

    In a world threatened by Peak Oil, Transit Oriented Development is a development concept aimed at encouraging the development of housing and commercial centers around mass-transit systems. By Marc Salomon March 4, 2010 Over the…

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    Business Taxes Should Encourage Job Creation

    By Marc Salomon, guest editorial November 30, 2009 Jobs, jobs, jobs. That’s what’s on everyone’s mind as the economy struggles to find its new level after the bubbles have popped, real unemployment hits 20 percent…

  • Housing Jubilee

    Housing Jubilee

    By Marc Salomon December 8, 2008 It has become clear that the cause of economic collapse has been the hyper-commodification of housing in service of the finance, insurance and real estate economy (FIRE) – a…

  • Political Paradigm Shift? Not in Newsom’s San Francisco

    Political Paradigm Shift? Not in Newsom’s San Francisco

    San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom Photo by Luke Thomas By Marc Salomon October 29, 2008 While the Democratic Party has followed Barack Obama and embarked in an historic shift away from DLC Clintonism, San Francisco’s…