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  • Corporations are People Too

    In all the noise over healthcare reform and the election in Massachusetts, you might not have noticed that democracy took a gut punch last Thursday, as the Supreme Court ruled that corporations can give unlimited amounts of money to political campaigns, candidates, and parties. They can do this directly from their own general fund, without the permission of their shareholders.

  • It’s Torture, We Tortured, There was Torture

    By Terry Canaan January 16, 2009 Let’s start out with a few quotes. I think on the left wing of the Democratic Party there are some people who believe that we really tortured. —Dick Cheney…

  • The Unpunished Crime Might as Well be Legal

    The Unpunished Crime Might as Well be Legal

    By Terry Canaan January 14, 2009 I usually hate these “two headlines” things, where two sources report the same event and come up with entirely different takes. Usually, this means that, of the two, one…

  • Those Ungrateful Iraqis

    Those Ungrateful Iraqis

    By Terry Canaan December 17, 2008 It may turn out to be one of the most lasting images of the Bush presidency. The leader of the free world ducks as an angry journalist throws a…

  • A Green New Deal

    A Green New Deal

    By Terry Canaan December 16, 2008 I guess the big news this week is that some guy in Iraq winged a pair of shoes at President Bush’s head. All the news reports are telling us…

  • The Bestest President Ever

    The Bestest President Ever

    By Terry Canaan December 11, 2008 Have you heard? George W. Bush is the Bestest President Ever — hands down, no contest. He’s the smartest and the most successful and the handsomest and we were…

  • KBR, a Typical Privatization Story

    KBR, a Typical Privatization Story

    By Terry Canaan December 6, 2008 “Today, our service men and women continue to inspire and strengthen our Nation, going above and beyond the call of duty as part of the greatest military the world…