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  • John Avalos Rides No Hands!

    John Avalos Rides No Hands!

    A cool as a cucumber Avalos shows he’s no cycling novice, shown fixing punctures and riding his bicycle without using his hands. Not sure if Board Prez and fellow mayoral candidate David Chiu can match Avalos’ skills, but they have at least one thing in common: they’re both vying to impress for the coveted San Francisco Bicycle Club (SFBC) endorsement.

  • Explicit Video: Conversation Hour with Ed Lee & Rose Pak

    Explicit Video: Conversation Hour with Ed Lee & Rose Pak

    “Get over your fucking self,” Pak responds. “This is about Willie Brown and me. Fuck keeping your word and your fucking promises. This is about me and using you to advance my fucking agenda – and my agenda is me.”

  • Tony Hall Gets Some Necessary Conversation Love

    Tony Hall Gets Some Necessary Conversation Love

    Tony Hall is the target of Melissa Griffin and Beth Spotswood’s latest episode of Necessary Conversation, poking a little fun at the former District 7 Supervisor and mayoral candidate, best known for his stand against corruption on Treasure Island, successfully defending himself against trumped-up allegations of money laundering, and for his silky-smooth, swooner voice.

  • Sunday Streets Updates Bayview Route this Sunday

    Sunday Streets Updates Bayview Route this Sunday

    For the second year in a row, The Third Street Corridor Project, the Bayview Merchant Association and the Renaissance Entrepreneur Center will host the Bayview Music Festival in conjunction with Sunday Streets. This festival, which will feature live music, arts and local merchant exhibits and two cook-off contests, will take place on Galvez Avenue off 3rd Street near the Bayview Plaza.

  • Parody: Why George Gascón Kicked Off His Campaign in the Castro

    Parody: Why George Gascón Kicked Off His Campaign
    in the Castro

    In the skit, Gascón, a former Republican turned independent turned Democrat, is dressed in a police uniform asks his campaign consultant to “remind me again why we are having my campaign kickoff at Harvey Milk Plaza.

  • Lobbygate: Dennis Herrera Fires Alex Tourk

    Lobbygate: Dennis Herrera Fires Alex Tourk

    In the video, Herrera asks for Tourk’s resignation over alleged campaign ethics law violations.

  • Shultz and Gonzalez Exhibition Attracts Celebrating Gonzalez Clan

    Shultz and Gonzalez Exhibition
    Attracts Celebrating Gonzalez Clan

    Tom Schultz drew a bevy of beauties as always ranging from Hope Johnson to a gorgeous blonde of a certain age that’s my speed … named Leah … caught my eye from 100 paces with a snug black dress centered with a bright red leather bow/belt and cleavage to make the Grand Canyon blush. I rushed to her side and told shameless lies for an hour or more as I introduced her to more luminaries.

  • BOS Photo Caption Action

    BOS Photo Caption Action

    Several Foggers have asked that I post more photos on FCJ. Apparently Foggers appreciate my photos more than anything else published on FCJ. So without further ado, the following photos were shot during yesterday’s Board of Supervisors meeting, the first meeting, I should add, when a Mayor of this great city attended a Board of Supervisors meeting (thanks to former Supervisor Chris Daly) to engage in formal policy discussions, as mandated by Measure C on last November’s ballot, with the legislative body.

  • Court Jester Rates Class of 2011

    This is currently a hot topic

    Court Jester Rates Class of 2011

    And, given it’s getting ready to be the beginning of baseball season and we’re cutting players and making them feel miserable and making others feel great … I want to rate the value of the present members of the BOS individually on a scale of 1 to 10. Again, this is only my own humble opinion. Not being a religious man, I don’t claim that these are actually the choices of God. Passed down through me, as it were. Not that at all. No sir.

  • Save The Rave: Electronic Dance Music Community
    Speaks Out

    Public comment afforded many people, young and old, the chance to say how important EDM, rave culture and its values were to them. They spoke of acceptance, hope, and celebration of life. One young woman pleaded, “This is like my family. If you take this away from me, I don’t know where else to go.”

  • Saint Patrick’s Day

    Saint Patrick’s Day

    Saint Patrick’s Day wouldn’t exist if not for the man himself. Only two authentic letters from him survive, from which come the only universally accepted details of his life. Much of the rest is subject to some debate among scholars.

  • The Tribes of Burning Man Release Party

    Tomorrow, February 17, a release party will be held to officially launch the book. The event includes a reading by Jones, speeches by significant figures in the Burning Man world, and a dance party featuring DJs from some of the collectives featured in the book, including Opulent Temple, Space Cowboys, Brass Tax, and Deep End!

  • The Progressive Local

    Since announcing our intention to purchase The Buck, I have been excited to see additional segments of our progressive community drop in. This Fall, Drinking Liberally and several other informal progressive circles have found a home at Buck Tavern, and I am committed to continuing to foster these discussions as well as many others. In addition, our public house will be committed to supporting the grassroots efforts for social and economic justice that I have been associated with in this town for nearly 2 decades.

  • Let’s Get Daly Roasting:
    A Call for Video Submissions

    I know when I’m being sold a bill of goods. I remember when they told me that my life would be easier once elected. It wasn’t. I was encouraged to always vote my conscience — that really worked out well for me. And earlier this year, I was even promised a job in the LG’s office in exchange for my endorsement. But now Gavin won’t return my calls.

  • No Drama Meko Attracts Adachi, Gonzalez
    to Meet and Greet

    Are you tired of all the progressive infighting in the District 6 race? Come join Jim “No Drama” Meko, Public Defender Jeff Adachi, former Board of Supervisors President Matt Gonzalez, and other special guests today from 2pm – 4pm at the Artists Alley Gallery, 863 Mission Street (across from Bloomingdales), for the final Jim Meko for District 6 Supervisor festivities. Free tee-shirts, fine food, fabulous beverages and great company are guaranteed in this gorgeous gallery space.